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    • Lenny worked with Michael Jackson on a song titled 'Another Day', and called it the best recording experience of his life, adding that Michael is a musical genius, and a professional, beautiful guy.

    • Lenny released the track 'We Want Peace' as a download-only track as a protest against the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The song hit #1 on the world internet download charts.

    • Lenny's 1999 hit single 'Fly Away' reached #12 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was featured in both car manufacturer and airline commercials.

    • Lenny released his album Are You Gonna Go My Way in 1993, it reached #12 on the Billboard 200, and the title track won a MTV Video Music award for 'Best Male Video'. The video was produced by Mark Romanek.

    • Lenny was awarded a Brit Award for 'Best International Male Artist' in 1994.

    • Lenny is an internationally renowned two time Grammy Award winner, recording artist, song writer, producer, multi instrumentalist, and talent scout.

    • Lenny performed at Tsunami Aid, a Concert of Hope in January of 2005, all the proceeds go to benefit tsunami relief efforts.

    • Lenny appeared in a series of commercials for The Gap alongside Sarah Jessica Parker. The ad features Lenny rocking out hard, and Sarah Jessica shaking her body to the beats.

    • Lenny formed Roxie Records, headquartered in Miami, and named for his late mother, Roxie Roker. Lenny assumed the central atr role overseeing the creative development, the signing, and the development of the label's roster.

    • Lenny spent time with the president of Brazil and donated a $5,000 guitar to a campaign to fight malnutrition in Brazil.

    • Lenny launched his own design firm studio, 'Kravitz Design' in July of 2004.

    • Lenny's second album, Mama Said reached the top 40 of the Billboard Album charts, and his inspiration for this collection was fueled by his divorce with Lisa.

    • Lenny gained greater recognition when Madonna's cover version of his song 'Justify My Love' reached number one, on her Immaculate Collection album in 1990. He also dated Madonna at this time.

    • Lenny covered the KISS song 'Deuce' for a tribute album, with his track reaching #10 on the Billboard charts.

    • Lenny's parents were friends with jazz legends Duke Ellington, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Ella Fitzgerald, and Miles Davis. Lenny was heavily influenced by Prince, as well as the Jazz greats.

    • Lenny taught himself how to play piano, bass, drums, and guitar at an early age, and developed his singing voice in the California Boys Choir and the Metropolitan Opera.

    • Lenny was named after his uncle, Pfc. Leonard Kravitz, who was killed in action in Korea while supressing a Chinese attack and saving almost all of his platoon. He was awarded the 'Distinguished Service Cross' after his death.

    • Lenny has dated Natalie Imbruglia, Nicole Kidman, French model Vanessa Paradis, and model Adriana Lima.

    • Lenny used to perform under the stage name Romeo Blue early in his career.

    • Lenny is the son of Roxie Roker, the actress who played Helen on The Jeffersons.

    • Lenny married Lisa Bonet on November 16, 1987 on her 20th birthday. They welcomed daughter Zoe Isabella Kravitz into their lives before divorcing in April, 1993.

    • Lenny's first music video off of his debut album Let Love Rule, also titled 'Let Love Rule', was directed by Lisa Bonet.

    • Lenny's first album, titled Let Love Rule is a raw, largely acoustic effort, with most of the tracks inspired by his love for Lisa Bonet, who co-wrote some of the songs with him. Lenny also played virtually every instrument himself (guitars, bass, organ, drums, etc).

    • Lenny is an obsessive student of all things classic rock, soul, funk, and psychedelic. He has faced criticism from the beginning of his career for dressing the part of a hippie, in bell bottoms, feather boas, and rock star threads, and has an insatiable thirst for Hendrix, Sly and the Family Stone, and The Beatles.

    • Lenny was #93 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artist of Rock.

    • He attended Beverly Hills High School, the same high school that Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie, David Schwimmer, Rob Reiner, Betty White, Pauly Shore, and Crispin Glover went to.

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