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Lenny Wolpe

Lenny Wolpe


Newburgh, N.Y.

Birth Name

Lenny Wolpe



Also Known As

Lenny Wople
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Lenny Wolpe is a talented actor who has always loved musical theatre. The first musical he was in on Broadway was a show called Onward Victoria that closed on opening night. Since then he has been in more than five shows on Broadway and a numerous amount off-Broadway.…more


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    • Lenny: I generally tell young people [not to] pursue an acting career unless it's an absolute passion; do it only if you feel you must do it, and there's simply nothing else you can do. It's a tough, tough profession, but for the few who make it, it of course is wonderful.

    • Lenny: The Holocaust had a huge impact on my life. Most of my family was exterminated. When I was little, we kept a Jewish home, I was bar mitzvahed and involved with NFTY [the North American Federation of Temple Youth] through high school.

    • Lenny: (on his guest star experience on The Golden Girls) Beatrice Arthur wasn't in the episode because of medical reasons, so I never got to work with her. Most of my scenes were with Betty White. I can honestly say that of all the people that I had the good fortune to work with on television, she was absolutely one on the nicest. Very classy, very kind and very funny. It really was a wonderful experience.

    • Lenny: Like most performers, I've studied voice and dance and acting. But I really think that the best training you can get is by getting on stage, in front of people and doing it.

    • Lenny: I've never had any other job other than acting. My last job was working in the box office at the Kennedy Center in Washington during my senior year of college.

    • Lenny: Acting was definitely not always in my blood. It really wasn't until I got to college and started working with some very supportive professors that I discovered the joy that acting gave me.

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