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  • What a great tv host

    Finally a host who has brains. Leo Laporte at least knows what he is talking about. HE knows the technology and does his research.. He is even fun to watch.. He has a sense of humor and knows when to use it. I loved when he hosted Call for help and The Screensavers. He helped people like me become able to use a computer and understand things more. I really wish G4 would give him a chance. I think G4 kicked him out cause of his age. But he is so much fun to watch. He really livins things up and has knowlegde to back up his talk.
  • Leo keeps it simple for the rest of us.

    In a world where technology grows increasingly more complicated, it is refreshing to have an individual who takes this technology and breaks it down so everyone can enjoy it. Leo Laporte is one of those people.

    His energetic yet simple approach to technology allows people to enjoy computers, televisions and ipods more, no matter what their age. Many technology "gurus" feel that computers are "their's" and that certain bits of information should only be shared with their elite group of tech buffs. Leo Laporte believes that technology should be used by everyone, and that you shouldn't be afraid of it.

    I first caught Leo's work on his show The Screen Savers. He was like the cool parent that got excited over the newest computer release or the latest news about the internet. What I really liked was the way he would take calls and simplify his answers so that non-tech people could understand it. Not only that, but he would give multiple options on how to solve the problem. Also, when an interview was getting a little to technical, he would guide it back to basics. I then watched his Call for Help which spent an entire hour devoted to solving people's technology related problems. Unfortunately, due to a network buy-out and later a network "demographic" overhaul, Leo's shows were cancelled in the United States. Now Laporte's fans can find him on the internet with his weekly podcasts.

    So if you ever need help with your Personal "Confuser", all you need is Leo to help you out.
  • Leo is a true genius.

    He is a genius at technology. He seems like he knows everything their is to know but is able to talk in a way that doesn't make everyone around him feel stupid. He has the perfect personality with a great blend of humor, knowledge, and maturity. If you haven't checked out TWiT yet be sure to, it's Leo at his best.