Leon Askin





9/18/1907 , Vienna Austria



Birth Name

Leon Aschkenasy




Leon Askin was born on September 18, 1907, in Vienna, Austria. In 1925, Askin began to seriously consider acting as a profession and joined the People's Academy as he was unable to attend the state academy. Under the mentoring of Hans Thimig, he groomed his talent and debuted in theatre and later performed with the Louise Dumont Playhouse. After migrating to Paris, he began performing with a political cabaret called Künstlerclub Paris-Vienne. As an art director, his production of Emmet Lavey's The First Legion was a great success. On reaching the US, he directed Irving Shaw's The Gentle People, Man in White and The American Way. In 1947, he debuted behind the camera on Broadway with Goethe's Faust and later the Merchant of Venice. In 1952, he took part in the production of Assignment Paris in Hollywood. Soon he became a Hollywood actor and went on to appear in more than sixty feature films until 1993. Some of his most prominent works include One, Two, Three, Hogan's Heroes and Meeting of Minds. He died on June 3, 2005.