Leon Rippy





Charlotte, N.C.

Birth Name




Leon was born in Charlotte, N.C. His first theatrical experience was in, Rock Hill, S.C., appearing as a gingerbread boy in, HANSEL AND GRETEL.

At 15, he ran away from home, eluding parental detection for several months, while making lifetime memories. His love for theatre grew, through high school and college plays, followed by dozens of regional productions.

Leon's first paid acting assignment was, N.C.'s, THE LOST COLONY, where he received $25 weekly. He founded and operated two theatre companies, and for a time, was a respectable ballet dancer.

Other employment adventures were, traveling with a circus, cattle insemination, and peddler of handmade hippie things. Among his varied talents, he plays the spoons, and knows several chords on the guitar. He's left handed, prefers oil lamp lighting, loves collard greens, and his favorite horse is a Tennessee Walker. The most dogs he's ever had at the same time is, 12. He believes in peace, until provoked.

His numerous film credits include: THE ALAMO, THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE, EIGHT-LEGGED FREAKS, THE PATRIOT, BEYOND THE LAW, KUFFS, MOON 44, YOUNG GUNS II, and THE TRACKER. In addition to, DEADWOOD, Leon was also a series regular on, THE VISITOR. As a guest star, he's fondly remembered for his portrayal of a cryogenically frozen country singer, revived on board the Enterprise in, STAR TREK, THE NEXT GENERATION.

He and his wife, Carol, reside in beautiful Van Nuys, California, along with 3 cats, 1 dog, and a fish. Their two children, Stacie and Amos, live in the neighborhood. Whenever possible, they enjoy spending time in their self-built home, among the tall Oaks of their Carolina farm.