Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis


4/3/1985, Islington, London

Birth Name

Leona Louise Lewis


  • Leona Lewis supports Children in Need
  • Leona Lewis sings for Children in Need
  • Leona Lewis will perform live on VH1 Divas.
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Leona Lewis was born in Islington,London in 1985. She lives with her two brothers Kyle and Bradley and her mother and father. She wrote her first song at about the age of 12 and in 2006 she auditioned for the X Factor at the age of 21 in…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Leona has a phobia of the dark and needs a TV on as well as some dim lighting to be able to fall asleep.

    • At the funeral of her six years younger cousin Billie, Leona sang one of her cousin's favorite songs Over the rainbow. Seven years later, she sang it again to make it to the final round of The X Factor.

    • At age six, Leona was admitted to the Sylvia Young Theatre School; at age nine, she began to study opera. However, one year later, her parents could no longer afford this formation. Leona eventually visited the BRIT school.

    • Leona's father said that she was able to sing before she could talk.

    • Her worst subject at school was Maths.

    • Leona is ranked #61 in the "100 Hottest Brunettes of AIM".

    • Leona is ranked #36 in AIM's "100 Celebs Under 25".

    • She performed Bleeding Love on American Idol and received a standing ovation from nearly the entire audience and all three judges.

    • By reaching No.1 on the U.S Billboard Hot 100 on March 27th 2008, Leona become the first British female solo artist in 20 years to reach the top of the chart. She did it with her single Bleeding Love.

    • In May 2007, Leona's single A Moment Like This was awarded the prestigious Ivor Novello Award for Best Selling British Single

    • Leona's debut single A Moment Like This broke a world record when it was downloaded 50,000 times in its first half hour of online release.

    • Oprah Winfrey called Leona "the real deal" when she appeared on her show alongside Simon Cowell on March 17th 2008. She sang her single Bleeding Love and received a standing ovation from the studio audience.

    • In February 2008, Leona visited an HIV/AIDS support centre in Johannesburg, South Africa to raise awareness of the issue.

    • Leona rejected a £250,000 offer to perform four songs at a corporate event in Dubai in March 2008.

    • Leona's single Bleeding Love was both preceded and succeeded by fellow X Factor winners in the Irish Singles Chart. It was preceded by Shayne Wards If That's OK With You and succeeded by Leon Jackson's When You Believe.

    • Leona's debut album Spirit was the fastest selling debut album off all time in Ireland, where it reached No.1 and stayed there for two weeks, before being usurped by Shayne Wards' Breathless, a fellow X Factor winner.

    • Leona's double A-side single Better in Time/Footprints in the Sand was held off to the No.1 spot on the U.K. singles chart by Duffy's Mercy which sold a mere 302 copies more.

    • Leona's song Footprints in the Sand was the official Sports Relief single for 2008 and was released as a double A-side with Better in Time.

    • In her international music video for Bleeding Love Leona wore a £100,000 Dolce & Gabanna crystal dress which was later worn by Victoria Beckham in the Spice Girls music video for Headlines (Friendship Never Ends).

    • Leona is a vegetarian and has said that she would like to design a range of non-leather shoes.

    • Leona's debut album Spirit was nominated in the cateogry of "Worst Album" at the 2008 Shockwaves NME awards, but lost to Britney Spears' comeback album Blackout.

    • Leona performed at Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy Awards party in 2008 as his "Special New Artist".

    • Leona was nominated for four BRIT Awards in 2008, however she failed to win any. She performed her single Bleeding Love at the ceremony.

    • Leona won as Cosmopolitan Magazine's Ultimate Newcomer of 2007.

    • Leona can play the piano and the guitar.

    • Leona has made UK chart history by having the biggest selling UK single for 2 years running. Bleeding Love was the biggest selling single of 2007 and A Moment Like This was the biggest selling single of 2006.

    • Leona's debut album Spirit, released in November 2007, became the fastest selling debut album in the UK ever having sold 375,872 copies in it's first week.

    • Leona has teamed up with www.beatbullying.org and recorded some messages of support for the Beat Bullying YouTube channel.

    • Disney has created an animated portrait of Leona.

    • Leona has slammed the celebrity size zero trend. She is happy with her curves and will never succumb to pressure to be skinny.

    • Leona is worried fame will turn her into a party animal.

    • Leona doesn't drink alcohol.

    • Leona does belly dancing to keep fit.

    • Her single Bleeding Love had the biggest weekly sales tally for a single in the United Kingdom for 2007.

    • Leona's favourite ice cream is chocolate chip.

    • Leona turned on the Oxford Street Lights on the 7th November 2007, and she also performed.

    • Leona wrote her first song at the age of 12.

    • Leona has laughed off rumors of a romance with her mentor Simon Cowell, because he is too old.

    • Leona performed her new single, Bleeding Love on the first results episode of the 2007 Season of X Factor - the show she won in 2006.

    • Her favourite artists include: Whitney Houston and Roberta Flack.

    • Leona has worked as a waitress in Pizza Hut.

    • Leona has a boyfriend named Lou; he's the reason why she went on the X Factor.

    • Leona entered the Lady D-under 18 talent show and won at the age of 13.

  • Quotes

    • Leona Lewis: All I want to do is my music, and just hearing my single on the radio the other day brought a tear to my eye; I was so happy.

    • Leona Lewis: I can't let myself or my family down; I just want to be the best I possibly can.

    • Leona Lewis: I'd always been quite quiet growing up, and singing was a way of having a voice.

    • Leona Lewis: I did sometimes feel like an outsider. I'd go crying home to Mum and she would say to me, 'You're a beautiful girl and you're a part of me and a part of your dad. You don't have to do anything but carry yourself with pride'.

    • Leona Lewis: I always saw my parents working hard and it made me learn that if you work hard, the rewards follow. I was always grateful to my parents for what they did.

    • Leona Lewis: I have all these amazing people around who want to support me, and sometimes I feel I should act more confidently. But everyone around me says not to change anything.

    • Leona Lewis: I'm never going to be loud and extravagant, I can't fake who I am.

    • Leona Lewis: I definitely have moments when I come home and shut the door and think that all I want to do is sing. But then I think, 'Wait a minute – how are people going to hear my music?' The bottom line is that if I can inspire, create awareness and help someone or an animal in any way, then it's all been worth it.

    • Leona Lewis: People tell me to do this and do that but I've learned to make tough decisions. I'm not always going to make the right decision, but I'll always learn from it.

    • Leona Lewis: I come from a very normal place with a normal family and I definitely stay true to that. There are moments when I'm like, 'Wow', but at the end of the day you need a reality check and mine is friends and family.

    • Leona Lewis: I love, love, love that song [Run by Snow Patrol] and I love Snow Patrol as a band, so I've really enjoyed getting my teeth stuck into the track and rearranging it.

    • Leona Lewis: I've always tried to make music a part of my life, ever since I was young. My mum was a ballet teacher and my dad was a DJ so I grew up around performing arts. I'd always incorporate music into everyday life. I'd be working as a receptionist and as a waitress to fund going into the studio and doing demos and recording.

    • Leona Lewis: I couldn't ask for someone more supportive [than Lou].

    • Leona Lewis: I've been doing music for a long time, so they [her family] are so proud to see me going into a studio everyday and seeing that work pay off.

    • Leona Lewis: I can't tell you the number of times people have put autotune on my voice, and I'm like, 'Please take it off!' You don't even sound human; it makes you sound like a robot!

    • Leona Lewis: I'm a positive person, but I'm very, very sensitive. Maybe over-sensitive. I cry in movies, reading books, anything to do with death, just people going through traumatic experiences, anything to do with animals will set me off.

    • Leona Lewis: I take it as far as it needs to go. I'm very passionate about animals. I just think it's the fact that they can't speak for themselves.

    • Leona Lewis: I definitely keep myself secret. I went on a show watched by millions of people, so this might sound ridiculous, but I had no desire to be famous, and I still don't. I have this media persona - 'She's a shy girl, really nice' – but you can't get to know someone like that. Unless you talk to me every day, you're not really going get a sense of me.

    • Leona Lewis: I definitely want to adopt. My mother was a social worker and my dad was a youth offender officer, so I know that there are a lot of kids out there that need help. When I was in Africa [in 2008], I wanted to take home all the kids. They were so cute. All of them had been orphaned because of HIV and it was heartbreaking.

    • Leona Lewis: (on people who wear fur) It's such an old school way of doing things. I can't begin to imagine that people who know all these animals have been killed to make a coat can still wear it. There must be something seriously wrong with them.

    • Leona Lewis: (on African poverty) We have everything. They have nothing. I feel so moved and so saddened, but also hopeful that we can all help in some way.

    • Leona Lews: (on meeting Oprah Winfrey) To say I was nervous would be an understatement. I am such an Oprah fan. I love the show and truly respect her and all the great charity work she does. It was a real honour to be on the show.

    • Leona Lewis: (on why she named her debut album "Spirit") It is my heart and soul and the voice within that says everything is possible.

    • Leona Lewis: (on meeting Whitney Houston for the first time at Clive Davis' pre-Grammy party) It's been almost surreal and feels just so wonderful that I performed in front of so many people I admire - especially that Whitney even knows who I am and said that about me when I've been such a fan all these years!

    • Leona Lewis: I wouldn't lose weight for my career. And I wouldn't have surgery either. I'm happy in my own skin. You have to be healthy and I'm proud of my curves.

    • Leona Lewis: (about recording her debut album) I've been treated as my own person. I've not been given a formula to follow. I had the time to find my feet and co-write a lot of material.

    • Leona Lewis: Winning The X Factor would be like a dream come true. It would mean the world to me and my family.

    • Leona Lewis: (on the X Factor) It's like a fairy tale.

    • Leona Lewis: (about The X Factor) I gained confidence coming here every week and seeing the audience and that has made me come more out myself. Through performing, that's how I've gained confidence.

    • Leona Lewis: (about her opinion on the X Factor) Each week on the show my confidence has got stronger. All I've ever wanted is to be a singer and I never thought it would happen.

    • Leona Lewis: (singing Kelly Clarkson's "A Moment Like This") Some people search forever for that one special kiss.

    • Leona Lewis: I feel like my dream has come true, the dream I've been dreaming since a little girl has come true.

  • Has a one in a million voice.

  • She totally rocks!!!

    I really like her. Leona Lewis is a great singer. I only have two of her songs, but they are both totally awesome. I love her song "Bleeding Love." That is really cool. Usually, the term "bleeding" is gross, but her use of it is really cool and poetic and creative. The other song of her's I have is "I Will Be," which is also totally rad! Oh yeah! I love that song a lot. I have heard samples of some of her other songs, and they were really cool. She is a great singer. Go Leona! You completely rock!moreless