Leonard Nimoy





3/26/1931 , Boston, Massachusetts, USA



Birth Name

Leonard Simon Nimoy




Leonard Simon Nimoy, born to Russian Jewish immigrants - began his long career in acting at the age of 8, by appearing in various plays at the local community theatre in his hometown of Boston, MA. He continued to appear in amateur productions until the age of 18, while also attending Boston University on a dramatic scholarship. When he decided to pursue acting more seriously, he dropped out of school and moved to California hoping to find more opportunities. Only one year after arriving there, he was casted in his first leading role in the film Kid Monk Baroni.

After two years in the military he was still appearing in various bitparts, in films, and on television - one of which would eventually lead him to pop-culture immortality. His big break came when Gene Roddenberry spotted Leonard in an episode of The Lieutenant (also created by Roddenberry) - Gene offered him a leading role in a new science fiction series he was creating. A role that he though was a perfect fit - Mr. Spock, a half-Vulcan/half-human science officer. Leonard accepted, not knowing that he would eventually make television history.
When Star Trek was cancelled in 1969, Leonard went on to appear in many noted roles in film and television.

Currently, Leonard is retired from the entertainment business (with the exception of an occasional special guest appearance), and devotes his time to one of his all time loves - photography.