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  • Truly fascinating as Spock.

    I would have never watched Star Trek - The Original Series if it wasn't for Leonard Nimoy. He brought so much charisma to the character of Spock that he made even the most boring episodes of Star Trek - TOS watchable. I've never seen any of his other shows because I cannot picture him as anyone other than the 'fascinating' Vulcan Spock. There will never be a Star Trek character that will be as awe inspiring as Spock. And it's all thanks to Leonard Nimoy. I can't imagine a Star Trek world without him and it was great to see him in the new Star Trek movie. Hope he's in the next one too. Live long and prosper.
  • Actor Best Known From Star Trek's Spock

    I think Leonard Nimoy is a great actor.His Best Work Is definently Star Trek. (Live Long and Prosper) He Is Definintly My Favorite actor He is way Underestimated in My opinion And he should have been more Famouse. I think That he did a wonderful Job Portraying Spock from star Trek TOS and TAS.He did do a good Job in Misson impossible and other shows That he guest starred in. I _ T H I N K_ H E_ IS_T_H_E B_E ST A T O R I N S T A R T R E K!!!!!! nO AND IF'S OR BUTS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
  • The real star of "Star Trek." The hell with that noisy Kirk fellow.

    Leonard Nimoy is the real class of "Star Trek." Unlike Kirk and the individual who played him, Nimoy as Spock didn't seem to have any arrogance to speak of. You knew that if Spock were in charge, he would never have gotten the crew into so much trouble. Nimoy is also the genius behind the original series "In Search Of." It predates the current fad for paranormal shows by decades. However, it also had a skeptical spirit that took you right to the locales of all these supposed phenomena-- and thoroughly examined the stories. Most similarly themed shows today are just out to exploit people who are afraid of ghosts. There are very few shows that try to raise the intelligence of the public. "In Search Of" did so every time. We have a lot for which to thank Nimoy.

    I'm glad Nimoy is on tap for the next "Star Trek" movie. I couldn't imagine anyone else.
  • the sexiest alien in the universe!!!!

    i only started watching star trek about a year ago but now i classify episodes based on spocks actions and storylines. I love him soooooo much that whenever he come onscreen i literally swoon. And i love leonard nimoy, he is sexy even without the ears, with his hansomeness and awsome intelligence, also he is an environmental activist, just like i aspire to be! and i understand what he was trying to do by distancing himself from the spock character but i am glad that he finally realised that he made spock to amazing, sexy and loveable to ever be forgotten, they will both always be a massive cultural icon to me!
  • Leonard Nimoy:In the words of the 1960's generation, "I grok Spock".

    I have had a huge crush on Mr.Spock since I first saw the original Star Trek series in reruns as a young girl in the 1980's. Something about that stoic manner and super intelligence that makes Mr.Spock one very attractive alien. I began to do research on Leonard Nimoy and found that he had not embraced the character with the same enthusiasm as the other cast members and I was not surprised at all by this. Nimoy was, certainly more interested in a varied career, it would seem. He went straight to another series when Star Trek ended in 1969 (Paris on Mission Impossible) and even went so far as to write a book called "I Am Not Spock". However, in later years it would seem that Nimoy has had a change of heart and is more willing to make his peace with the character that he will always be remembered for. He even went reprised the character of Spock for an arc of episodes on Star Trek:The next generation. I am so glad as it was like seeeing an old friend return home. Thank you, Mr.Nomoy, for letting us see Spock that one last time. Bravo!
  • Capt. Spock rules.

    Leonard Nimoy played one of the most famous extra terrestials on TV. Captain Spock is perhaps a lot more famous than E.T. Leonard Nimoy portrayed this smartly written character really well. It's perhaps one of the most original extra terrestial character ever written for TV and films. This character continue to amaze. Leonard's deep voice contributes a lot to the Captain Spock's mythological status. When he speaks in both English or Vulcan, that voice stirs emotions fixating us to listen to whatever wisdom the character possess. Leonard did a really good job portraying Spock, even though he played other characters in movies other than this Vulcan, but it's Spock that stands out the most.
  • Possibly the most beloved character in science fiction history ...

    Leonard is definitely one in a million. Pop icon, activist, actor, photographer ... even with all of that on his plate he still loves his fans and treats them with the utmost respect. He's an all around nice guy, and will always be in the top five of my all time favourites list of entertainers.