Les Claypool

Les Claypool


9/29/1963, Richmond, California

Birth Name

Leslie Claypool



Also Known As

Snap, Colonel Claypool
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Les Claypool is best known as the bassist/singer of Primus. Les' mastery of the bass has brought him into the spotlight, with his funky playing style. He cites bass virtuoso Geddy Lee of Rush fame as his greatest influence. He mixed heavy metal finger tapping, along with a…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • OH SNAP!!!

    Heralded as one of the great funk bass players of our time, Les Claypool (aka, Snap) has had a jumbled music career. Going from one band to the next, most famously Primus, sometimes playing death-metal, and other times playing R&B... in either genre, he plays one mean bass guitar. His skills also gaining popularity amongst the South Park and Robot Chicken crowds as they usher in every episode with the theme music. Les Claypool has also been known to enjoy the occasional fishing trip... but I digress. My favorite album in which he was heavily involved is Primus' "Tales from the Punchbowl". If you haven't already, give it a listen. ENJOY!moreless
  • The world's best bass player and singer.

    Les Claypool is probably best known for his work as lead singer/songwriter and bass player of Primus. Personally, they are the best band to walk the face of the Earth. Period.

    His playing style is unique, blending funky slapping and popping with more traditional playing, which makes all his work stand out. After Primus went on hiatus, he started Sausage, which was the original members of Primus reunited for one album entitled "Riddles Are Abound Tonight".

    His solo work is good, but is nothing compared to his Primus work. He is currently in the studio recording Primus' next album, which I cannot wait for. As far as bass players go, Les is the best ever.moreless