Les Dennis

Les Dennis


10/12/1954, Liverpool, England, UK

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Les Dennis


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    • He was on Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon, in which he appeared at the winner's homes to present the prizes they had won.

    • In 2006 he appeared as a guest on the ITV drama series, The Bill.

    • He was offered the chance to host Deal or No Deal but he turned it down.

    • He is the third regular presenter of Family Fortunes after Bob Monkhouse and the second longest host since Bob Monkhouse. The last two presenters were Bob Monkhouse and Max Bygraves.

    • On The Prince's 'Trust 30th Birthday: Live,' he was one of the celebrity call takers for donations.

    • He stands at 5' 9" tall.

    • His birth name was Leslie Heseltine.

    • In 2006, Les presented and perfomed in the BBC's 'The Sound of Musicals.'

    • It has recently been announced that Les will star in a new comedy play called "Marlon Brando's Corset," which tours the UK from July, including a four week run at the Edinburgh Fringe - which incredibly marks Les's first appearance at the Fringe, despite an impressive career on the stage.

    • In September and October 2005 he appeared in Ant & Dec's Gameshow Marathon, in which he appeared at the winners' homes to present the prizes they had won.

    • On August 11, 2005 Dennis appeared as a guest star in the BBC-series Extras starring Ricky Gervais. In this appearance, Dennis played himself and made several jokes about his career, or the lack of.

    • Dennis appeared in the second series of the UK Celebrity Big Brother during the period that his marriage to Amanda Holden was collapsing.

    • He was the host of Family Fortunes from 1987 to 2002.

    • As a comedian Dennis has appeared on numerous light-entertainment shows and worked originally as a stooge to Russ Abbott before forming a successful comedy partnership with fellow impressionist, the late Dustin Gee.

    • Dennis married actress Amanda Holden in 1995, but the pair have since divorced (November 18, 2003).

    • His birthday is 12th October.

    • Les' favourite foods are rusks and peas.

    • Les goes to a dream interpretator to analyze all his nighttime activity.

    • Les has such a unique talent that he cannot be impersonated. Others, including Mike Yarwood, Bobby Davro or Alistair MacGowan, have all had a go at the 'Elusive Les', as the impression is known within mimicking circles, but non have succeeded.

    • He was a guest call taker for the phone lines of the donations to The Prince's Trust 30th: Birthday: Live.

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