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    • Leslie: (on moving to L.A) It just felt right. I had been to L.A. once before, looked around and taken an acting course at this place called TVI. I signed up for it like a year before and they would bring in casting directors and agents where you meet and you had to do your monologues in front of them and if they liked it then they would want to represent you. So I happened to meet an agent and he was on me to move out here. When I made the move, I didn't even tell him I was coming. I got here, got settled in my apartment and then I called him one day and I said, "You probably don't remember me, but"-- He said, "Leslie I know who you are. I remember you. When are you moving?" I said "I'm actually here." He saw me the next day and I got the first part he sent me out on.