Leslie Hope





5/6/1965 , Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Birth Name

Leslie Hope




Leslie Hope was born in Nova Scotia, Canada in 1965.

She moved to Italy when she was 15, and soon after decided that she wanted to pursue a career as an actor. Shortly after, her school was used as a filming location and she ended up being hired for a small role. She then managed to meet a crew member who knew the famed director John Cassavetes. After getting a meeting with Cassavetes, he later wrote a starring role for her in his film, Love Streams.

Since then Leslie has appeared in several movies such as Kansas, The Dance Goes On, The Life Before This, and Meltdown.

She has done many television role also including Everwood, Commander in Chief, and Runaway.

She is probably best known for her role in the hit show 24, as Jack Bauer's wife Teri.