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    • Leslie Hope: (on meeting real FBI agents for Line of Fire) The idea of these kind of uptight, conservative guys whose ties are tied too tight. Not one of these guys has been that way. I mean, they all dress nicely. But they have been so kind, and so generous with us and so morally clear about doing the right thing. And not in a corny way. In sort of a truthful way. Their compass seems to be about doing the right thing. And that informs everything that they do. And, you know, I came in sort of suspicious of anything that has to do with a government agency, blah blah blah, but most of the guys we're dealing with are street agents.

    • Leslie Hope: (on Line of Fire) tell you, when I first came into it, I very much had this notion that, one, the FBI were these square, kind of jar-headed, uptight guys and I also came in with this sort of girly idea: 'I don't know about the guns'. Well, first off, they are the most extraordinary men and women, the agents that I've been dealing with, that I've ever met though work. But, two, we've taken on some pretty intense weapons and tactical training, and I am having a love affair with my gun. When I came off the first day of practice shooting, I was so excited, I could hardly contain myself.

    • Leslie Hope (on the movie An Unexpected Love): I never understood this project to be a movie about lesbians. I understood it to be about two people who fall in love. What I learned has nothing to do with playing a lesbian. What i learned was I enjoyed working with Lee Rose and Wendy Crewson - and I learned again that if it's good on the page, it's probably good on the screen.

    • Leslie Hope: The only advice is ... if it's a good script, do it. Follow the writing.