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  • He is one of the best comedians around, and he is a timeless favorite through different generations.

    He is one of the few people I could watch with my Dad or someone like that. Just think of all of the things he has been in how many catch phrases and gags that he has done are still immitated, by other comedians and fans. He did a golf video that was hilarious were he played through someones house, I liked that one. I liked the mjaority of his movies that are that funny slapstick humor. He has been the bad guy and has even been in serious roles as well. I think he might have done it all, TV & Movies, I guess he just needs to make an album or something.
  • Who would had thought a dramatic actor would be a slapstic comedian!

    Did you know that Leslie Nielsen started as a dramatic
    Actor and then after the appearance of him as the
    "Serious" doctor on Airplane would launch his slapstic career in particular in the Naked Gun movies!
    Very good and was ver handsome when he was younger IMO!
    He could do anything you ask of him!
    Has that wit in Gameshow Marathon!
    Too bad to see him go so soon!
  • A very funny Actor

    Leslie Nielsen has been i so many movies, most of them are spoofs of other movies like Scary Movie, or the Naked Gun, He always plays in comedies like Mr. Magoo, which was a funny movie, he once played in a movie with Don Knotts called the Reluctant Astronaut.

    Not only can he been in a lot of movies but he has played in a couple of series, he made an apperance on The Golden Girls in the Finale, as wel as some other movies.

    He is one classic funny man