Lester James Brandt





9/7/1968 , Amarillo, Texas

Birth Name

Lester Brandt




Lester James Brandt, was raised in the small country town of Amarillo, Texas. His German born father was an ex-marine and truck driver who was very strict with his seven children and ruled with an iron fist. His mother was Honduran born from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America. Lester James studied at The Film Actors Lab in Dallas, Texas with the late and great Adam Roarke before being accepted to the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City. His acting career started by way of numerous national commericals and stage productions in Dallas. His breakthrough came as a regular on an NBC Daytime Drama "Another World" (1964), in Brooklyn, New York. Soon after, back to back Guest Starring roles, he began building a reputation that "the boy can do anything given the chance!" He thanks GOD graciously and the never ending support of this family and also believes "what you see and believe in your mind's eye, be it negative or positive, you will subconsciously gravitate towards it."