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  • No Way, Baby

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    S 5 : Ep 16 - 2/6/89

    Cliff contacts Ray Palomino, the estranged grandfather of a young woman who is about to have a baby on her own. Ray has not seen any of his family for 18 years. However, Cliff asks him to come to the hospital to support Louisa because they have been unable to find any other family members. Ray does not have a lot of faith in Cliff's ability as a doctor. Louisa is very glad to see Ray, who also manages to charm the nurses. He wants to help care for his great-grandchild, but bristles when Cliff offers him some pamphlets about child-rearing. Clair listens to Cliff describe Ray's behavior, and opines that Ray doesn't know how to read or write. Cliff disagrees, as he feels that Ray is just a rude person. Cliff believes that he is right when Ray produces a list of relatives; but he claims to have lost his glasses when Clair asks him to read a name. He also doesn't know how to spell the name "Tom." Louisa gives birth to a baby boy. Ray tells Cliff that he is aware that the Huxtables know he is illiterate. He insists that he doesn't need to learn to read at his age. A man whom Ray befriended in the waiting room says that he is a former English teacher and offers to help him.moreless