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  • great youth teacher ever!

    he is awesome at teaching you things because he has a natural easy voice, a pleasant attitude, and is creative!
  • Burton's character Geordi La Forge is a Starfleet officer who wears a VISOR to see things because he was born blind.He's the Lt. and the pilot of the Enterprise-D for the 1st season.For seasons 2-7,he was Lt. Commander and chief engineer.

    Levar burton is a terrific actor in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the other Star Trek Movies as Geordi La Forge.As Geordi,he\\\'s a tough blind chief engineer.In the 1st season,Geordi was a Lt. and he pilot the Enterprise-D.In seasons 2-7 he became chief engineer and Lt Commander.In Star Trek:First Contact through Nemesis, he replaced his VISOR with occular inplants.Levar is my favorite actor.
  • My name is Cheryl. I was a personal housekeeper to LeVar Burton and his wife Stephanie for years. I found them to be wonderful, thoughtful, professional and talented. My daughter Stephanie Michaela was named after his two favorite girls. Hello to you al

    LeVar, I haven't seen much of you lately. I look forward to seeing you on television and hopeful at the theatre soon. Remember, I was working for you for almost two years when we discovered we had the same relatives. Talk about "Roots".
    You are a wonderful actor and was also the greatest boss any housekeeper could have. Thumbs up to you and your family. Love you
  • LeVar Burton is a great actor! Love him as Geordi!

    LeVar Burton is one of my favorites in Star Trek: The Next Generation. He's so perfect as Geordi La Forge, the engineer who was born blind. I also will never forget him from Reading Rainbow, a show I avidly watched as a little kid. Hopefully I will one day get to meet him at a Trek convention or something!