Lew Resseguie





5/3/1932 , Brooklyn, New York

Birth Name

Lewis D. Resseguie




Lew Resseguie is a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, educated at Trinity School in Manhattan, The Oakwood School in Poughkeepsie and Duke University.

His first major brush with fame occurred at the age of eight when he conducted an orchestra in Carnegie Hall and became the youngest person to ever achieve that unique distinction. If asked, he'll tell you that it was a reflection of the depth and intensity of his musical talent. The truth is that he was the mascot of his father's orchestra and everyone thought it would be cute to see him stand on a chair, wave his arms and lead an orchestra. In so doing, he became the youngest person to have ever conducted an orchestra in Carnegie Hall.This singular accomplishment was short-lived as he was replaced, a few years later, by a seven year old italian lad who played twelve instruments, wrote symphonies and had a three octave vocal range.

He became an English major at Duke University, mostly because he was a better than average high school basketball and baseball player with a ‘future in the sport', according to Ira Thomas, head scout of the Philadelphia Athletics, who just happened to be the old major league battery-mate of "Colby Jack Coombs", the Baseball Hall Of Fame baseball coach at Duke who made it possible for Lew to attend the University.

However, on one fine morning in June in the early 1950's, the armies of North Korea crossed the border and, since baseball, basketball and campus musical shows are not the stuff of which deferments are made, his choices soon narrowed and, a little over a year later, he joined the U.S. Air Force and served four years in the Air Force, sixteen months of which were in Korea.

Following his stint with the Air Force, he joined Scripps-Howard Newspaper's Washington Daily News in Washington, D.C.

Within a few short years, he became the youngest-ever major advertising executive in Scripps-Howard history and eventually combined his unique advertising talents with his writing abilities as a theater critic and became one of the few Scripps-Howard employees ever allowed to wear more both editorial and advertising "hats" on a major metropolitan daily Newspaper.

After thirteen years with the Daily News, recognizing that his and the paper's future were severely limited, he joined a small, faltering Washington advertising agency and turned it into a highly successful organization as its Executive Vice-President. He eventually decided that he'd be happier doing it for himself and opened his own advertising agency which grew, within three years, to be among Washington's largest.


Climbing the next mountain, Lew created and operated his own mini-conglomerate which included a six million dollar advertising agency, a national talent management firm representing Washington Redskin's star running back Larry Brown, and Arista recording group, HAPPY THE MAN, among others. He also founded a fashion design studio, known as JLJ of Georgetown, with clients like Bloomingdales, Bendel's and Saks Fifth Avenue.

In 1971, He created the Washington area dinner theater scene by establishing the first two successful dinner theaters in the Washington metropolitan area and, two years later, a 1000 seat legitimate theater in Alexandria, Virginia, which eventually succumbed to urban sprawl.

As a theatrical producer in Washington, he was the Executive Producer of the Washington's largest musical theater company, the American Light Opera Company (ALOC) where such well-known theater and television talents as Goldie Hawn, Georgia Engel, Ron Carroll and Russ Thacker started their careers.

In addition to the over forty major musicals he produced, directed or starred in for ALOC, his two dinner theaters and his legitinate theater, Lew also produced, wrote, directed and starred in the very first BROADWAY POPS concert ever presented with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center.

He also became well-known as a Master of Ceremonies, hosting several concerts annually at the outdoor Watergate Concert series at the Lincoln Memorial and at other events such as the DAR Diamond Jubilee and major annual industrial entertainment shows.

He performed, on nine separate occasions, for three separate Presidents of the United States and their guests at The White House.

At the age of 44, he felt he had accomplished all he could in Washington and decided to "fly in the face of the odds" and pursue his first real love in life, an acting career in theater in New York.

After 18 months of knocking on New York's doors, he got his first Equity job as an actor, as Angela Lansbury's co-star in a national tour of GYPSY. Since then his career has reflected one major success after another in all areas of the business. In theater, TV and film, he has costarred or been featured with some of the legendary names of the busines...Helen Hayes, Angela Lansbury, Julia Roberts, Robert Goulet, Barry Nelson, Dolores Gray, Paige O'Hara and Robert Conrad.


Commercially, he became the voice of Lincoln-Mercury, Top Choice Dog Foods, Fidelity Securities and the Dime Savings Bank of New York and has been heard on hundreds of network commercials from Campbell Soups to The National Guard to The American Bowling proprietors Association to The Investment Company Institute and has narrated many documentaries, including THE LIFE OF STEPHEN DECATUR, GARY PLAYER GOLF VACATIONS and a number of more commercial pieces. Recently he starred in a documentary for NASA which salutes the Gemini Astronauts and is currently working as several voice characters in an animated History Of the Bible, being produced in Orlando.
Currently, he also produces, directs, and MC's 18 major industrial conventions annually for the largest company of it's kind in the United States, Model Search America, a firm under contract to scout for over thirty of the most prestigious model management firms in the world.
Locally, in Florida, he has directed the Pelican Players production of OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOODS by Joe DiPietro and Ed Brown's RADIO THEATER.