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  • Lew Resseguie is an amazing man who is still singing, acting, writing, directing and coaching new talent in Tampa Bay\'s South Shore with the same vitality that he has always approached everything in life!

    Unfortunately, I didn\'t have the opportunity to work with Lew Resseguie when he was a New York actor. Today I have the pleasure of performing with this amazing man. He now lives and works in Florida, in Tampa Bay\'s South Shore. Lew is not only still a fabulous performer, but a talented director and vocal coach and an arts activist in the community. He especially enjoys coaching new talent and teaching them the things that he learned from the industry greats over the last 30 years. He has been instrumental in the plans for building a theater complex at a Community College which will be utilized by the community, as well as college and touring companies. In addition, Lew has developed a theater curriculum for aspiring actors which will truly prepare them for a life in show business. He is the president of the South Shore Arts Council where he oversees all aspects of the arts community, including music, dance, visual arts and literature. Lew is a man who has taken all that he learned during his show business career and is now using that knowledge and experience to build a better place for all. I am so glad that Lew Resseguie walked into my life and continues to share with me his passion for music and the theater, his immense talent and his zest for living life to the fullest. Lew is MY personal favorite!