Lex Lang





11/12/1970 , Hollywood,California

Birth Name

Walter Alexis Lang




Lex was incredibly talented at an early age. He started his life in Hollywood, California and by the age of eleven had already become master of ceremonies at a comedy competition, was a clothing model in a catalog, hosted a radio show, as well as took part in numerous talent shows.

After his family moved to Arizona, Lex attended Scottsdale Community College where he would often star in theater productions as well as write and direct his own short films. He would go on to perform with the Royal London Shakespeare Theatre Company and win awards for acting.

In the following years Lex would continue to move on into stand-up comedy where after performing across the country would end up performing alongside comedians Jim Carey, Richard Belzer, and David Spade.

Lex's interest in music continued to to develop further after he moved back to Hollywood in 1989. He studied music at The Musicians Institute where he received his degree. Lex soon started acting again as he would soon receive acting roles for HBO and Cinemax. Later Lex would enter the world of voice acting where he would become noted for his voice that "stretches from a pleasing low purr to dynamic drive."

He is the co-founder of Love Planet Records where he recorded and released his album LeXLang. He also helped to start The Love Planet Foundation. He is an advocate for the environment and promotes green living positive thinking children's education and planet preservation.