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  • Does the voice of Dr. Neo Cortex on Crash Bandicoot.

    This man is amazing he sounds almost like Adolph Hitler in a way this guy has so many amazing roles like Sagaro Sanosuke on Rurouni Kenshin and Goemon Ishikawa on Lupin the Third and Alan on MAR and there are too many to name all of his characters have 1 thing in common: there all muscular he might even live up to the name of Clancy Brown the original voice of Uka Uka and Dr. Neo Cortex I give this man a 9.2 out of 10 he could even be as popular as Steven Jay Blum and Crispin Freeman in the future.
  • This review is dedicated to Lex Lang and all that he has accomplished for the world of voice acting and this is my tribute to him for all that he has done.

    Lex Lang is most certainly an accomlished voice actor as he has done so much anime and other misc. roles in which he brings charisma and charm to all the characters he plays. I most certainly consider him one of the all time greats and his effect on this generation has been great when you consider how much anime is becoming more and more main stream. Lex has become known through out many anime circles and is known for many of his epic protrayels in some of japans finest work. It even seems now that Lex Lang is getting a dedicated fan base and becoming more recognized each time hes cast in another feature. I think that now alltogether that Lex is truely one of Americas greatest voice actors and can truely stand proud and tall at what he hes accomplished. The more you listen to Lex the more you will realise this as well. The sweet harmonic tone that comes from deep within the fiery passions of Lex Lang consumes the screens presence when hes speaking. The quality of work he has done is priceless and comparible to none. Lex is truely one of the greatest VO actors of all time and I am proud to have known such a great man while I am alive. I hope he continues to make such masterfull work and bring many more years of joy and happiness to all his fans and anyone out there that might be listening. It is a great time in anime and voice acting all together thanks to the great pioneers like himself and this review is dedicated to him and I am proud to have written it.
  • I dont know this guy but he sure is a brillant voice actor.

    No editor No review makes walt a dull boy he needs one so heres my review he is great at many video game's and anime role's wow im impressed by this guy he is one brillant man he is one step to becoming well known pretty soon everyone will know this guy so I give this guy a 10.0 out of 10.