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Lea Sargent, Mary Briscoe
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Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Lia was Mrs. Wisnovsky in the 1989 historical television drama, Day One, about the development of the atomic bomb, which was directed by her father, Joseph Sargent.

    • Lia was responsible for voice casting the 2002 western television mini-series, Johnson County War, which starred such notables as Tom Berenger, Luke Perry, Burt Reynolds, and Michelle Forbes.

    • Lia had ADR loop group involvement for the films, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Shrek, and It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie. (Loop groups are essentially the indistinct speaking voices heard during crowd scenes in films and television shows).

    • Lia was responsible for contributing numerous voices for the dubbed 2001 anime series, Mahoromatic, about a decommissioned android military robot who works as a maid for the son of her creator, whose death she feels responsible for.

    • Lia was the voice of Martha in the 2002 direct-to-video animated short, Little Shepard.

    • Lia was the voice of Clara in the 2004 direct-to-video animated family film, The Nutcracker and the Mouseking.

    • Lia played the role of Terry in the 1991 emmy-nominated television drama, An Inconvenient Woman.

    • Lia guest starred in the episode, The Corpse Flew First Class of the popular 1980's Angela Lansbury mystery series, Murder, She Wrote.

    • Lia guest starred in two episodes of the 1980's private detective series, Simon & Simon, first in 1985 and then later in 1987.

    • Lia played a dance instructor in the 1992 made-for-tv crime drama, Somebody's Daughter, starring Nicollette Sheridan.

    • Lia played a student in the 1988 television drama, Terrorist on Trial: The United States vs. Salim Ajami.

    • Lia had a part in the 1987 Whoopi Goldberg comedy, Burglar, as a dental receptionist.

    • Lia starred as Mia Portnoy in the 1985 mini-series, Space, James A. Michner's fictional account of the American space program from the years after World War II to the Apollo landings on the moon in the late 1960's and early 1970's.

    • Lia played the part of Mrs. Thomas in the 2003 safety video, KidSmartz, an instructional video guide to abduction prevention for parents and children.

    • Lia went to USC and Los Angeles Valley College, and also went to school in Canada for pantomime acting.

    • In addition to anime, Lia has worked in original animated series, features, educational programs, CD-ROMs, commercials, the stage and live-action televison.

    • Lia is the voice of Milly Thompson, the insurance agent partnered with Meryl to investigate Vash the Stampede, in the hit anime series, Trigun.

    • Lia provided the voice for android, R. Dorothy Waynewright, in the popular anime series, Big O. In addition, she also did ADR script work for the series and was the ADR director for the second season.

    • Lia voices the characters Aura and Natsume for the .hack videogame series.

    • Lia voices Chun-Li in Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, Street Fighter II V, and Street Fighter Alpha: The Movie.

    • Lia has done some ADR directing and script writing for Animaze.. iNC.

    • Lia is the daughter of movie and television director Joseph Sargent.

    • Lia is the voice of Shion Uzuki in the XenoSaga games, Episode I: Der Wille zur Macht and Episode III: Also sprach Zarathustra.

  • Quotes

    • Lia: (explaining how she moved from voice acting to voice directing) This company that hired me a lot for voice over work, I'd do so many shows for them they used to put me in the booth by myself and direct myself when they couldn't be there. So one director was too busy, so he goes, "Lia, you can just do this yourself, can't you?" I think in the process of working long enough with an actor, the actor starts saying, "Oh, I can do that better" or "Let me fix that" or "I know what you mean." The actors will let the director know that they pretty much know what they're talking about before they even say it. So I started directing myself and then they got so much other work that they needed another director so they asked me to do it.

    • Lia: (about the length of time it takes to dub a a half hour show) Most of the time a company will do a multitude of episodes at the same time, which are all 22 minutes usually. So if one character's in all three episodes, you'll work two hours, if you have 50 loops. Most people average 25 loops an hour and some will scoot up to 50 loops an hour depending on the character and how fast they are and the director, the engineer and the equipment.

    • Lia: (about voicing the android R. Dorothy in Big O) At first Dorothy was very hard for me to play…flat tone, emotionless. I tend to have many colors in my voice, and within my read. So, Dorothy was work. But now, I grasp her very easily.

    • Lia: My first job as a voice actress was when my father placed me in front of a microphone for a movie he directed, to re-voice an Irish girl for a couple lines where the original audio was no good. The Irish actress wasn't available at the time. I was 14. I had no intentions of going into voice acting, but after attending college and taking a radio broadcasting workshop, one of the teachers suggested I audition for a Chinese action movie to dub into English…the rest is history.