Liam Aiken





1/7/1990 , New York, New York (USA)

Birth Name

Liam Padraic Aiken




On the date of January 7, New York City, something was happening that would shake the foundations of the entertainment industry. On that day in New York, a baby boy was born who would become known as Liam...Aiken, that is. A kid whos name is destined to become legendary in the entertainment industry.
It seemed that from the beginning - Liam was destined to act. Then the seemed turned into reality. With the face of a star, and an exploding abundence of was no surprize that Liam stepped headlong into the acting bizz. Securing small parts at first in a theatrical play, and a commercial for Ford Windstar. (Seemed appropriate, coz after all, he's just a 'star' blowing in an awesome gust of 'wind' - hence Windstar.)
His first feature film role came in 1997, when he was cast in the movie Henry Fool, playing the role of Ned. Then in 1998, won the role of Nathan in Object of My Affection, and simply known as Kid in the movie Montana. Liam took a role alongside Julia Roberts as Ben in the 1998 film, Stepmom, which finally gained him a little of the noteriety he abundantly deserves. Director Chris Columbus remarked of him, The moment Liam stepped in the room, I knew our search was over. Liam was adorable, mischievious, funny, smart and most importantly, real. His reading of the film's final scene was heartbreaking. We had our Ben After the filming of Stepmom, Liam was offered several more movie roles, including - I Dreamed of Africa, alongside Kim Bassinger, and Sweet November, alongside Keanu Reeves.
With his eyes, and facial moves - he has been compared to Jim Carrey, however Liam is his own person and as great as Jim Carrey is an actor, well as any actor, could watch and take a lesson from Liam. The talent Liam has is exploding and God-given.

Liam lives in New Jersey with his mom and is an only child With talent like Liam's, it is only natural that you will be seeing alot more of him, and for fans - that is an awesome thing!