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  • Liam's forever best friend is Crestine Mae...

    Liam, aside from being a very good and talented guy, he is also a sweet and loving best friend... whoever reads this right now i'm sure you don't know me but i know Liam from outside to inside since we were young... so if you want to find me i'm just here in the philippines currently prioritizing my studies>>> hope to see him this summer because i really want to hug him and i think i have the rights to do that... so to all the people out there who loves him... please continue supporting him and surely, you will all be blessed... I love you all!!!
  • He is so talented....and cute. He also has a new movie in 2008.

    I first saw Liam Aiken on his movie "The Series of Unfortunate Events" . When I first saw the the show, I thought it was just nothing. But when I saw it the second time, I saw that he is so cute!!! I also saw him play guitar..he was really good. My friends are also fond of him. I also heard that he's going to have another movie called "Airborn the Movie". It is also coming in 2008. Well for now....we don't like like before but we still love him. We're also looking forward to his movie. He's characters there is Matt Cruse.
  • Adorable

    Liam Aiken has everything. Looks, talent, and really good movies/TV shows that he's been in. He's in one of my favorite movies 'A Series Of Unfortunate Events' and some very interesting TV shows.
    I love Liam because he's cute also!
    He's great, so if you get the chance, go and watch anything he's in. I think you'll like him!
  • Liam is a hottie and is very talented.

    Well where can I start liam is very talented..I liked him in series of unfortunate events..he was funny and smart.
    I love boys like Liam that enjoy skateboarding and playing in bands. It love. hehehee. I don't acutually love him.

    Well anyway i think he's great,funny,smart and charming.

    P.S i didnt know he enjoyed skateboarding and playing the guitar.
  • B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L !!!!

    Oh my god!!!
    Liam Aiken is absoublty gorgeous.
    I love his little baby face smile that he has, its sooo cute and innocent!
    I love his shows and his movies. But most of all (as I am sure many of you will aggree), he is wayy better in "Lemony Snkkets, A Series of Unfortunate events".
    He portrays he character "Klaus" so absoulbty well, and it is the funny that way he makes his little comments!!
  • Liam Aiken is one of the greats. His work is profound, and his life, inspiring.

    Liam Aiken is a rising star. He has been ever since his 1st movie. And as he got older, so did his roles. Moving from a world of dogs, to a world of Unfortunate Events. He handled both roles properly. As well as his amazing talent for acting, he also has acquired a talent for attracting girls. His flowing brown air, and dazzling smile has made him one to drool over. And with the up in coming role in Airborn, he'll be getting even more sideways glances from girls everywhere. He has gone through many hardships, such as his father’s death, having his house burnt down, and loosing the starring role in 2 Hollywood blockbusters. But it seems as he has the last laugh after all. And all Liam fans will be pleased to be informed that there is a kiss in the movie. Good luck Liam! We all love you!
  • Liam Aiken is an utterly gorgeous, talented young actor.

    This 15-year-old actor is by far one of the best child actors in the business today. At his young age, Liam Aiken has already appeared in hit films such as "Stepmom" starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon as well as "Road to Perdition" and his most recent "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events." Aiken is able to step into any of his roles perfectly and awes his audience everytime. I immediately fell in love with him after seeing his latest film, and found he was just as charming as a tiny 8-year-old in "Stepmom." With a huge repertoire under his belt, the talented, adorable Liam Aiken is destined to shine in the future.
  • Liam Aiken is gorgeous, but there's so much more to him than looks. Liam is a very talented actor who has starred in more than 10 movies... And he's only 15.

    Best known for his roles in Stepmom and Lemony Snickets, Liam Aiken is a very talented actor, who lights up the screen with his broken smile and charming ways. He may only be 15, but he has already proven himself to critics and fans. Liam has starred in hit movies such as Stepmom, and Lemony Snicket's: A Series Of Unfortunate Events, and he has done so in his modest style.
    "I don't feel comfortable being called a movie star and I don't want to talk about movies all the time." Says Liam.
    How could anyone NOT fall in love with this guy? He's shy, adorable and talented. And, he plays guitar... Hello?!
  • Liam Aiken is very hot sorry, but he is and im not a stalker, but i would like to meet him someday, he looks like a very nice person, so Liam if ur reading this email me please;) at

    Liam Aiken is soo cute and I personally love all of his movies especially A Series of Unfortunate Events and Good Boy! He is a very talented actor and I wish him a lot of luck to his career. I have heard that he has a band and I hope thats goes well. I wish him the best of luck.
  • How much i like Liam's movies

    I recently saw your movie A Series of Unfortunate Events, at first I was skeptical about you playing the role of Klause because I thought you didn\\\'t look like the character.

    After I saw the movie I was immediatly upset that i thought that you couldn\\\'t play the role of Klaus because you didn\\\'t look like him but i was wrong. You truly are a great actor and I would like to met you someday because you seem like a really nice person, you are a great actor and if you don\\\'t mind me saying this you\\\'re extremely hot.

    I look forward to seeing other movies you star in, in the future. You trully are a great actor and if you\\\'re reading this don\\\'t think i\\\'m a stalker.
  • Liam Akin is a very talented young man who is very good at doing what he is doing. In the Lemony Snicket movie he did a very good job as Klaus because he actually let people believe that that was who he was.

    Liam Akian is a very very sweet looking boy. Me as a 14 year old female of course thinks he is a very hott young man that would have alot to offer to a gurl like me. I would love to see Liam more in big name movies so maybe I could atleast see him that way considering a country girl from Arkansas would never have a chance to meet a young hott guy like Liam in person. But anyway I really think he has alot of potentiol and will make it far in life if he continues doing what he is doing because he is a very good actor.
  • Excellent work on being Klaus Baudelaire, Ben Harrison, Owen Baker, and Peter Sullivan.

    Not the best actor in the world, but better than nothing. Not the best cryer in the world, but better than nothing. All of his auditions and movies that I've seen him do were fantastic and no one else would've done better than him. He was the perfect guy for Ben Harrison. Since Ben was a magician, Liam's a magician, too! Hey, these things don't just happen.