Liam Cunningham





6/2/1961 , Dublin Ireland

Birth Name

Liam Cunningham




Liam Cunningham was born June 2, 1961, in East Wall, a city Northside of Dublin. The Irish actor has graced a number of TV and movie productions some of which are the BBC One science fiction drama series Outcasts, First Knight, The Guard and A Little Princess. Cunningham's big breakout role was his portrayal as Phillotson in Jude. He also rose to international fame with his infamous character in the critically acclaimed independent horror film, Dog Soldiers. This also paved the way for him to have his significant starring roles in high budget American and British films such as The Mummy, Clash of the Titans, Centurion, The League of Gentlemen's Apocalypse and Tomb of the Dragon Emperor among others. His short film Pitch Black Heist won the prestigious 2012 British Academy Film Awards. He also received an Irish Film and Television Awards nomination for Best Supporting Actor for his role in The Guard.