Liam Kyle Sullivan

Liam Kyle Sullivan


7/17/1973, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Birth Name

Liam Kyle Sullivan



Also Known As

Liam Sullivan
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Liam started as an actor in Boston, performing in plays from Shakespeare to Stoppard. When then moved to Los Angeles, he discovered his talent for improv and sketch comedy. He joined the ACME Sketch Comedy Theater and quickly gained a spot in their main company. Liam began writing…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Liam released a full album as Kelly on iTunes in 2006 called Shoes.

    • His character "Kelly" stars in the music video "Shoes", "Text Message Breakup", "Let Me Borrow That Top", and "No Booty Calls". In 2007, he appeared as "Kelly" in the music video for The Dresden Dolls music video for "Shores of California." In 2008, he appeared as Kelly in the Weezer music video for "Pork and Beans".

    • He won the People's Choice Award for Best User Generated Video in 2008 for "Shoes".

  • Quotes

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  • He is awesome! I've seen his wok in YouTube!

    I think that Liam Kyle Sullivan is very funny when it comes to YouTube. He has made his hit video (which is also a song)Shoes. Liam also has an alter ego named Kelly in YouTube.

    Wait, there's more...

    Liam stars in the new sketch comedy called I Hate My 30's, and says that his friends are there.

    Now let's talk about his persona...

    Liam was born in Boston, Massachussetts and he has always wanted to be a comedian, then his dream came true. He now won a People's Choice Awards with his sketch video Shoes, with the help of his alter ego, Kelly. So this is his life now.moreless