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  • It's the accent. It's gotta be the accent!

    Okay so where the hell do i start? this guy is awesome! I love his movies and anything else he appears in. I mean he has played the same type of character a few times now. It seems to be the fatherly teach the younf apprentice die hooribly to set yong apprentice on the course of life now. Still it makes for good movies ever if I wonder does me want to get typecast into these roles?
    However for me it's that goddam accent. this minute hestarts talking I just find mylsef going all goo goo over it. I mean it can be the crappiest movie and he may only be in it a few minutes butjust to hear that voice a chatting away to me again makes me all tingly inside. Ohhh think it's time to go watch star wars again. That or Batman Begins either one should do it!