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  • why does he have like, zero reviews!

    liam obrien has appeared in many video games like prince of persia (never played the game but looks good) and also TONS of anime incudimg my absolute favorite character Gaara! ( main reason my i like liam obrien ) since i think that liam is irish (i think) its strange but awesome how me can change his voice all that much especially gaaras raspy mutters and roars. i deffinetly would want him to appear more often, he doesnt show up as much as he should. this is so my review is 100 words. plz view my profile and comment on the blogs!
  • He's an amazing voice actor and highly under appreciated.

    His done so many voice overs he should be as famously known as Tara Strong, he's probably done more voice overs than her and Cree Summer combined! He's also a triple threat; Not only is he an actor, he's also a writer and director for many animes and cartoon shows. Like I said the guy is amazing! My favorite role that he plays is Gaara of the Desert in the sub version of Naruto. That to me is his best role yet. I also love the fact that he does voices for video game characters like Red XIII in Final Fantasy Advent Children. But wrapping this review up, I do think he is one of the greatest voice actors there is and I also believe he should get more publicity for his work.
  • i cant belive this guy has no reviews i like this guy alot he has such a cool and dark voice why doesnt this guy have any reviews

    he is the voice of my favorite naruto character gaara he gave such a charming and dark voice to gaara this guy is very strange and should have been a bigger star he has such an evil voice that he gave to gaara so i give this anime reguler a 10.0 out of 10.0