Liana Liberato

Liana Liberato


8/20/1995, Galveston, Texas, USA

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Liana Daine Liberato


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    • Liana: Surrounding yourself with good people who are there to make you feel better and make you happy when you do feel down, but also to bring you back to earth when people bring you up too high.

    • Liana: I want to be trustworthy, peaceful, content, understanding and happy.

    • Liana: (on being confident) I just think that it's so important to know who you are as a person and how you want to be perceived.

    • Liana: (on her free time) I hang out with my friends. I go on bike rides when the weather is nice. I have a really good, solid group of friends.

    • Liana: (on her relationship with her parents while shooting a movie) My parents are very understanding. I need to put all of my heart and I have to focus on what I'm doing. So, it's really hard to have your parents in your eyeline when you're trying to talk to your stage parents. So they were always downstairs or in my trailer. If I needed them, they were always there for me. They made it really easy for me to focus on my work.

    • Liana: (on not doing more comedies) I've never really had a good opportunity to do something like that. So, I'm thinking the right time will come along and a really good comedy comes around. I'd totally do it.

    • Liana: (on the type of movies she likes) I love all kinds of movies. I love a really good comedy and not the cheesy ones. My parents hate this, but I love horror films. Those are my favorite and of course, dramatic roles. I'm really drawn to those as well. All different genres.

    • Liana: (on starting acting) I started theater when I was three and I started doing professional acting when I was nine.

    • Liana: I want to see the world, but I don't want to see it just through my work. I want to do it voluntarily. I told myself that every year I was going to plan a big trip, just for myself and a couple girlfriends. 'Cause I really want to experience everything I possibly can.

    • Liana: (on being an actress) As of now, I do see myself doing this for a really long time. But if my life takes me somewhere else, then I'm just gonna do it.

    • Liana: (on her role in the movie The Best of Me) it was one of the most gratifying experiences I've ever had as an actor.

    • Liana: (on working as an actress) That's the great thing about this business—the spontaneity of it. I mean, two weeks from now I could know what I'm doing, and I could be leaving in a week. That's just kind of how it goes. But I love it. I could never do something nine to five. I think I'd go crazy.

    • Liana: (on starting to do teenager roles) My characters have a bit more substance, I think, and a lot more depth, which is nice, because I get to really dig deeper into the roles. It's a lot more challenging.

    • Liana: When I was 9, I asked my mom if I could be on TV. She was like, "Well, okay. You can try."