Liddy Holloway

Liddy Holloway


3/27/1947, Wellington, New Zealand



Birth Name

Elizabeth Brenda Holloway


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Although born in New Zealand, Liddy traveled to London with her mother in 1958 and attended the nursery school for the Royal Festival Ballet - The Arts Educational School - where she trained in dance and drama. Back in New Zealand, Liddy joined a theatre company after the…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Liddy found the part of Alcmene, Hercules' mother quite natural for her to play. She drew on her own experiences as a mother, and used those emotions to add depth to her character.

    • In 1994, Liddy played in Hamlet along with fellow Hercules actor Michael Hurst, who also directed the production. She says that sometimes the emotions would run so strong between them on stage, she would look over and see tears just streaming down Michael's face!

    • Liddy was the third actress to play Alcmene on Hercules. She tried to come as close as she could to the other actresses' portrayals as she could without mimicking, which wouldn't have worked anyways, since she didn't resemble either of them.

    • Liddy based her portrayal of Alcmene on the show Hercules on the all-American mom played by actress June Allyson.

    • The first TV show Liddy wrote for was called Cop Shop. She got the necessary background in law enforcement by reading about it and even going out on patrols in a squad car along with real police officers.

    • Liddy was very interested in Buddhism, and visited Nepal regularly.

    • Liddy took part in a "Free Tibet" protest outside Government House when a Chinese delegation was scheduled to arrive there. She later testified at a Parliamentary Commitee hearing that the protestors, who had been granted official permits for their presence, were physically intimidated and roughly herded away from the locale by police.

    • Liddy is best known for her role as Alex McKenna on Shortland Street in New Zealand, and in the rest of the world as Alcmene on the show Hercules the Legendary Journeys from the second to fourth seasons.

    • As a writer for Shortland Street as well as one of it's actresses, her on-screen husband Paul Gittins used to joke that she gave herself all the best lines!

    • In 2001 Liddy was nominated for "Best Supporting Actress" in the film Her Majesty at the New Zealand Film and Television Awards.

    • Liddy worked as a journalist before her career as an actress took off, and she continued writing for the shows she starred in, including Shortland Street.

    • Lioddy is the daughter of a New Zealand Cabinet Minister.

    • Liddy was in litigation to receive a writer's credit on the internationally acclaimed movie Whale Rider before she passed away. She was the first celebrity to lobby to get the book made into a movie, and was instrumental in getting it produced. She is mentioned in the credits, where they say "special thanks" are due her.

    • Liddy has 3 children Francesca, Mark and Joel. Her sons, Mark Harlen and Joel Tobeck, have followed her into the entertainment industry, with Mark working as a director and Joel an actor/musician.

  • Quotes

    • Liddy: (on the challenge of working with imaginary monsters on "Hercules") I'd never done that sort of thing before. There was a tentacle wrapped around me [in the episode "Mother of All Monsters"], and I had to think, 'Okay, what do I do if a tentacle comes out and wraps around me, what is my physical response?' And then I had to do the whole action in reverse, so that when the film is played in reverse it would look as if the tentacle were sliding around me rather then falling off.

    • Liddy: (on why she had her own fight scenes on "Hercules") It's probably because I'm a middle-aged lady, and there is a challenge to show that ladies of a certain vintage can still handle the physical aspects of the role. Yes, fighting, and tossing one guy down a cliff over my shoulder! Of course, the stuntman did all the work, bless his heart. I just hung on!

    • Liddy: (on writing for "Cop Shop") My God, what do I know about cops and robbers? You could write what I know on a book of matches!

    • Liddy: (on her short career move to LA) I didn't much like it. I missed my kids and New Zealand's blue skies and good clean air and water.

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