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  • Lifehouse is a alternative pop/rock band, the members are: Jason Wade, Bryce Soderberg, and Rick Woolstenhulme.

    Lifehouse was first formed in 1996 by leader Jason Wade(born July 5, 1980). The band was originally called Blyss. Their producer is Dreamworks who helped them launch their album No Name Face in 2002. Their song "Hanging By A Moment" rose up to charts in 2001 and made the band go back to the studio to make another recording. In my opinion, Lifehouse is one of the best bands of today's music. Another hit song of their's is You and Me. In 2007, when they released another album, they had another famous song called First Time. I can't wait for the next album. Keep up the good work Lifehouse!
  • great band.

    lifehouse has remained one of the most successful bands of the 21st century, with hit songs like "hanging by a moment", "first time", and "you and me". hanging by a moment became a very popular song, and started this great band off very well. sadly, there have only been 2 permanent band members. the 3rd slots been used by many people. even still, they are unsurmountable.

    vocals and music are played well. i can listen to their songs all day, and not get bored. they set the trend to newcoming rockbands. in short: lifehouse is the best band formed in the 21st century IMO.
  • One of the BEST bands ever!!

    I LOVE them!! They are like one of the best bands ever!! You and Me, First Time and Hanging By a Moment are such awesome songs!! I just absoluteley love em!! I hope they continue to make awesome music in the future because I will always be listening!! ROCK ON Lifehosue!! ROCK ON!!