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  • One too many plastic surgerys.

    Can rap pretty well.
  • Lil Kim, I love you girl!

    I have followed and enjoying Lil Kim's music for years, and I would have to say I love her. Even though her lyrics are explicit, she speaks her mind and expresses herself, and that's what's up. Some people make music and talk about things that most want to hear. Lil Kim's music is more how she feels, and dose her thing. And if you don't like it..... SO, because that's her and no one can change that. To have an attitude like that in this music industry and make it to the top is beautiful. Don't get me wrong, she's been through a lot, and it wasn't an easy ride but she made it. Lil Kim, I love you girl, keep doing you thing.
  • Dis chick is doin ha thug thizzle. mad luv 4 u kim<3

    yo lil kim is in a leage of her own. she's wut other rappers wish day could be. yeah sometimes she has her moments but who doesn't. she's always keepin it real, more real den most of the celebs today. And ya'll are truly sleepin on her actin talent. yo she was really doin her thing in Gang of Roses. das ma movie. although i have to agree with her though i really would like to see her play more roles with a more softer and delacate touch to them. she played the charater of chastity very well. her character had depth and you got to see a softer side of kim, without loosing her QB atitude and i liked dat. i think dat kim is just gettin started and ya'll betta watchout for her cause she gon be doin it up in the future. Much luv QB. God Bless.