Lil' Mama

Lil' Mama


4/12/1989, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Birth Name

Niatia Jessica Kirkland


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Lil' Mama was born on April 12, 1989 in Brooklyn, NY. She is a female rapper, singer, dancer, songwriter and also a judge on America's Best Dance Crew, alongside with Shane Sparks and JC Chasez. Her genres are hip-hop and pop-rap. She's know for her song "Lip Gloss"…more


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    • Lil Mama: My mother would sing around the house every day, every morning, and that inspired me, because the songs she used to sing often, we would catch the words and we would be singing it and we sort of got the hint that we had voices too.

    • Lil Mama: [My success has come] with a song that's catchy and fun, so I'm happy it's not with anything out of my range.

    • Lil Mama: (about rap music) Everybody's talking about the same things on the radio-murder, sex and drugs. They have people behind them telling them it's cool and I disagree. There are so many more people struggling and going through so much and to hear somebody brag about the jewelry and stuff like that, it's overrated.

    • Lil Mama: My father really helped me develop as an artist. He basically built me around knowing how to express myself. There's different lanes I take you through with my music. People might think, 'Am I normal for thinking that way?' I'm just letting you know I think that way too.

    • Lil Mama: Between the ages of 10 and 12 I started finding myself with rap. That's when I was writing and my father got me into the studio and I recorded some of my first songs. They were more like freestyles. I would take someone else's beat and write a rhyme to it using my own hook.

    • Lil Mama: People should know that I'm coming from the bottom and I'm going go to the top. I see myself as an artist who was built on influences. I feel like I have a little bit of everything in me 'cause I take heed to my environment. So I'm offering you everything that I've learned in my life and what I've become.