Lila McCann

Lila McCann


12/4/1981, Steilacoom, Washington

Birth Name

Lila Elaine McCann


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Lila McCann was born in the state of Washington and started singing in her dad's band at the age of three. She sang some song from The Judds. In 1997 she released her first smash hit album 'Lila'. She later appeared as a guest star on Walker Texas…more


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  • A very talented young singer

    Lila McCann is a very beautiful and talented young singer, I haven't heard to may of her songs, but my favorite one "Come a little Closer" was a great song and she looked stunning in the video. She is also a good actress, though she hasn't sang much latley but the last picture I saw of her she looked more beautiful then ever. Hopefully her new album and song will be out soon.moreless
  • From The State of Washington came a young talented girl who sang in her father's band, And later became the next new country star, Singing "I wanna fall in Love," "Down Came A Black Bird." And Many Many more hits. Her name is Lila McCann.moreless

    Lila Is really a great Country singer, She came from being unknown to a country star. I got a chance to meet her in person, and she is without a doubt a nicest girl I've ever met. Just like LeAnn Rimes, I hope with her new album comes out, She'll be back on Top. I'm really am a big fan of her, I neverr get tired of her singing. I enjoy listening to her music every time I hear it. And I think she did a great job on Walker Texas Ranger.moreless