Lili Haydn





North Hollywood, California, USA

Birth Name

Lili Haydn




Lili Haydn began playing violin as a child. She had previously been pursuing a career as a child actress but when she was eight, she decided to play violin. Haydn landed a record contract with Atlantic Records in 1997. They released her debut album "Lili" in the fall of 1997.
Lili Haydn is one of the great talents of the music business. Her drive and passion for her music is unparalleled. She exploded onto the music scene after being noticed at The Viper Room in Los Angeles. She has since worked with dozens of world-class musicians. This is someone to keep your eye on. Her music is second-to-none, but it doesn't hurt that she has stunning good looks to go with her violin.
Attended Walter Reed Jr. High in North Hollywood, CA.
Graduated Brown University with a degree in political science. [1992]
Mother is actress/comedienne Lotus Weinstock. Her father is underground film-maker David Jove.
Her parents allowed her to choose her own first name. For a while she went by the name, "Helicopter."
Prolific session violinist in the Los Angeles area; has recorded two albums, "Lili" and "Light Blue Sun"

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