Lillo Brancato Jr.

Lillo Brancato Jr.


8/1/1976, Bogata, Columbia

Birth Name

Lillo Brancata


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Trivia and Quotes

  • Stay strong Lillo! Dont let this get to you. I know you're innocent.. Smile I'm thinking of you! Your friend -Adriana Savastano

    I'm blessed to have Lillo Brancato Jr. as a friend. I strongly believe he is innocent ! He is a really nice guy with a good heart. He is kind and loving and not capable of hurting anyone. He is not a threat to society and he shouldnt be in prison. He should be out making movies, because he is a very talented person. He is truly sorry about the officer, that wasnt suppose to happen. That is also something he will need to live with the rest of his life. Only God knows what goes through his head everyday. Please forgive him and stop judging him.. He is a beautiful person inside and out and that's what makes him such a great friend.. I love you Lillo- Your friend Adriana Savastanomoreless
  • An amusing story about Lillo Brancato...

    I was a Paramedic working in Yonkers. On my way home one night, I stopped into a convenience store on Tuckahoe Rd. to get a soda. I looked at the cash register and saw someone who looked familiar to me. I figured working in Yonkers for the past 10 years, I had seen him somewhere.

    I was walking to pay for my soda when this guy met me halfway. He noticed that I was a Paramedic and asked me if I thought if his finger was broken. I said it looked like it to me. He was either VERY drunk or stoned, and acted VERY beligerent. While I was splinting his finger, I said to him "You look familiar to me, where do I know you from". He said "A lot of people know me". With that I left it alone,and he left the store. I was finally able to get to the register and asked the clerk who that was. He told me it was Lillo Brancato from "A Bronx Tale" one of my favorite movies. He was pointing and laughing at me while he was waiting in the parking lot in a Jeep Cherokee. He was with some older guy who looked like he was quite disturbed with him and the way he was acting. The whole time I was splinting his finger, he was talking about how he was going to get some hookers and we could have sex with them in the back of the store. I was really disheartened. Here was a good actor who was in one of my favorite movies acting this way. I can't believe he would do something that stupid. What a waste of talent.moreless