Lily Tomlin





9/1/1939 , Detriot, Michigan

Birth Name

Mary Jean Tomlin




Lily Tomlin was born September 1, 1939 in Detroit, Michigan. A standup comedian and award-winning star of stage, film and television, Tomlin gained instant fame when she joined the cast of the highly popular television show Laugh In in 1969. The popularity of the original characters she created for the hit show was so great that she soon made a career portraying these figures outside of the program. The most famous of these were the five and a half-year old Edith Ann and the busy-body telephone operator, Ernestine. Tomlin went on to star in popular movies including Nine to Five and The Incredible Shrinking Woman. Tomlin has appeared regularly in widely acclaimed television series including her reoccurring roles in Murphy Brown, Will and Grace, The West Wing and Desperate Housewives. Over the years she has also starred in many productions playing herself. Tomlin and her partner, Jane Wagner, have been together since 1971.