Linara Washington

Linara Washington


Beaufort, South Carolina

Birth Name

Linara Emilia da Rosa Washington


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Since I am Linara Washington I guess I should write some of the more interesting tidbits about myself. I have lived in 14 states and one other country. My mother is Brazilian and we lived there when I was younger. Portuguese was my first language as a child…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • crazy good....

    I've seen this woman all over TV, in commercials and in tv shows. She fits in so well in any genre, and I can not wait to see her break out in a huge meaty role where she can show off! She's adorable, sexy and REAL. She's cute, and smoldery at the same time.

    She glows with out all the fake this and that. Her natural beauty and her natural talent make me a fan, naturally! ; )

    Again, can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve in the future. I think we're going to be seeeing her for a long time!moreless
  • Personally, this young woman has worked hard to share her talents. Professionally, the world has yet to appreciate her gift fully. She is an incredible actress and singer!

    I will the first to acknowledge that I am a little biased. I went to college with Linara and was mesmerized by her drive, talent and amazing personality early on. Having lost contact with her recently, it is always a pleasant surprise to hear her beautiful voice or see her beautiful face on screen. I recently had the surprise when checking out Prison Break - congratulations Linara! You have never given up on this dream and I only pray that the world gets to appreciate your incredible gift!moreless