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  • Talented actress, yet to show us her best work I think.

    She's a wonderful actress who seems to be able to turn her hand to any role. Her portrayal of Thelma (and Matthew Lilliard's portrayal of Shaggy) were the best and most closest to the iconic cartoon characters we all love.

    I'm sorry to see ER end; I hope her character gets the 'happy ever after' she seems to long for - but I'll just have to wait until the final episode is screened here in the UK. I do hope we see her in more roles now and she show everyone what she can really do.

    I do wonder one thing though - is she related to Jenette McCurdy from the kids show 'i-carly'? I ask only because I was struck at how much these two actresses resemble each other. Look up their photos and you'll see what I mean.