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    • Linda Cardellini: (on whether she would do a third Scooby Doo! film) Yeah, if it's a great story definitely. Kids love it. I hear some 3 or 4 year old kids who can't speak in complete sentences and they love to talk about Scooby-Doo. It's fun. It's really a great character. There's not a lot of broad, young and smart, crazy, zany characters that you get to play like this. (Cinema Confidential; March 23, 2004)

    • Linda Cardellini: The one thing that being on ER has changed is that I'm more recognizable because it's the first time where I played someone where I look like her on the street. I could stand next to the poster for Scooby-Doo and nobody would know that it's me. (Cinema Confidential; March 23, 2004)

    • Linda Cardellini: (about her role on ER) It was terrifying. I accepted the job on Monday and started working on Wednesday. I didn't really have enough time to be scared about it. But, you know, you hit the ground running, and if you can't keep running—you're out. So you have no choice but to run with it. It's pretty amazing. You know, I knew about the dialogue being scary. But I had no idea how technical the actual job is. Physically you have to learn to do things and look like you're doing procedures and look like you know what you're doing at all times in a trauma room—where it is life and death. That takes a lot of learning. (from the 2005 article "Miss Versatility," by Jay S. Jacobs)

    • Linda Cardellini: (on her Scooby Doo! role) I love cartoons and childlike things, and this was my favorite. You can't escape it. It has always been on television, at least for my life. If someone would have told me when I was a kid I would be playing Velma in a Hollywood movie, I'd have said they were crazy.

    • Linda Cardellini: I'd really like to be seen as somebody who's versatile. And I could do many things, not just one… Somebody who is a capable and versatile actress. And a good person. (from the 2005 article "Miss Versatility," by Jay S. Jacobs)

    • Linda Cardellini: With any project that you hope has merit, you hope it changes people's hearts and minds and it leads them to something that is socially conscious. (from the 2005 article "Miss Versatility," by Jay S. Jacobs)