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  • Linda Evans gave ife to Krystal Grant Jennings Carrington, and also helped define the woman of the 80's with "Dynasty" Co-Star Joan Collins. What else is there to say, this woman is awsome, and ever so lovely as well.

    My first encounter with the lovely Ms. Linda Evans, was when I saw "Beach Blanket Bingo" many, many years ago. She was so cute and dainty, but also smart and firm as Sugar Kane, the singer who promotes her albums by making people believe she skydives for publicity. Linda had my attention at that moment. As I am an avid fan of her famous past-time "Dynasty", I had no idea when I first indulged in the 80's drama, that the awsome, fist swinging Krystal was the former Sugar Kane. I was blown away, but it was so narly!
    Whilst on the 1980's drama, Evans was the angelic Krystal, whose silent strength was her strong right arm against Joan Collins' Alexis. Both women set certain standards for their characters. Linda Evans displayed such a warm and welcoming charm, you would've been crazy to not feel the grace of her gentle tactics. Another highlight from the show was the fact that whenever Krystal and Alexis wee involved in catfights, Krystal won. The often victories put a certain mystique in Krystal. She was a fighter, and Evans was the only on to bring that character to life. As gorgous and talented as Evans was, she was well defined in all her glory. A real actres through and through.