Linda Hamilton

Linda Hamilton


9/26/1956, Salisbury, Maryland, USA

Birth Name

Linda Carroll Hamilton



Also Known As

Linda Carroll Hamilton
  • Linda Hamilton as Mary Bartowski on Chuck.
  • Linda Hamilton as Mary Bartowski on Chuck.
  • Linda Hamilton as Mary Bartowski on Chuck.
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Linda was born in Salisbury, Maryland in 1956. Her father was a doctor, and he was killed in a car accident. She has an identical twin sister Leslie Hamilton Gearren, and another sister Laura and a brother, John.
After attending Wicomico High School, Linda studied for two years…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Linda loves to fish.

    • Linda learned to pick locks so she could do it for the hospital scene in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day".

    • Linda did all the interviews for the "Making of Dante's Peak" documentary.

    • Linda received special weapons training from former Israeli commando Uzi Gal before making "Terminator 2: Judgment Day".

    • Linda reprised her role of Sarah Connor for the "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" video game.

    • In June 2002 Linda was in Lou Shaw's "Worse Than Murder: Ethel and Julius Rosenberg" at the Ventura Court Theater in California.

    • In 1985 Linda was nominated for Saturn Award for Best Actress for "The Terminator", in 1992 she won for "Terminator 2: Judgement Day."

    • Linda was suffering from a sprained ankle when the filming of "The Terminator" began. Due to the amount of running she did during the filming it never healed properly.

    • Linda was in the play "Love Letters" in 1990, reuniting with Beauty and the Beast co-star Ron Pearlman.

    • Linda has been nominated for 3 Golden Globe Awards; in 1988 & 1989 for Best Performance by an Actress in a TV-Series – Drama for Beauty and the Beast and in 1996 for Best Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TV for A Mother's Prayer.

    • Linda was offered the part of Molly Brown in "Titanic" by her then husband James Cameron, however she decided not to take it.

    • In 1989 Linda was nominated for a Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for Beauty and the Beast.

    • Linda is a fan of San Francisco 49ers (NFL)

    • Roots: Linda is a direct descendant of William Brewster who came to America with the Mayflower and of presidents John Adams and John Tyler. And she's a distant cousin of actress Brooke Adams.

    • Linda remained close friends with her former co-star in Beauty and the Beast Ron Perlman, after the series ended.

    • In August 2006, Linda performed in the main stage production of The Night of the Iguana by Tennessee Williams, at the Berkshire Theatre Festival in Stockbridge, MA.

    • Linda has bipolar disorder, which she has described as a driving factor in ruining her marriages, and has spoken publicly to raise awareness of diagnosis and treatments.

    • Linda is 5' 6" (1.68 m) tall.

    • Linda talked about 20 years of treatment for being bi-polar on the October 14, 2005, episode of Larry King Live.

    • Linda was told that she had no hope of earning a living as an actress by the acting professor at Washington College, where she was a student.

    • Linda is an LA Dodgers fan.

    • Linda played the role of Karen in the movie Broken, in 2006.

    • Linda divorced James Cameron after discovering he was having an affair with actress Suzy Amis during the making of the movie Titanic. Her divorce from him was the second most expensive divorce next to Steven Spielberg's divorce from Amy Irving. She stood to take half of his earnings - close to 50 million dollars.

    • Linda's identical twin sister, Leslie Hamilton Gearren, appeared in Terminator 2: Judgement Day as a double for Linda. Leslie can be seen in the park when Sarah is remembering playing there with baby John, when the T-1000 impersonates her and in a deleted scene as a 'mirror' reflection of Sarah when they remove the CPU from the Terminator.

    • Despite rumors on the internet, Linda has only been married twice; once to James Cameron and once to Bruce Abbott. In her interview on Larry King Live, in October 2005, she stated that the rumor she was once married to Peter Horton is false.

    • Linda reprised her Terminator 2 character, Sarah Connor, for the theme park attraction T2-3D, a short film filmed in a new 3-D process that makes the film really appear to jump out at you.

  • Quotes

    • Linda Hamilton: (About Arnold Schwarzenegger) He's a delight - I'm a big fan of Arnold's. I love him for who he is. He's a monolith, larger than life, but he's reasonable, good humored and a loyal friend. I really appreciate him.

    • Linda Hamilton: Having my children. They made me really appreciate what selfless love is. I remember many times coming home from playing Sarah Connor and being so exhausted that I couldn't even lift my arm. It would take me an hour just to get all the tangles and blood out of my hair, but I would just sit on the kitchen floor with my baby son and it would all go away - everything else just didn't matter.

    • Linda Hamilton: (about bulking up for "Terminator 2") I was surprised and overwhelmed by all the attention my body got. I was suddenly being hailed as this new icon of feminine power. I was like, "What me? No, no, no - I smoke two packs of cigarettes a day and eat lots of cake."

    • Linda Hamilton: (about her reaction to Arnold Schwarzenegger being cast as "The Terminator") I didn't take Schwarzenegger very seriously as an actor at that time. I said, 'Oh Lord, why cast a man who looks like a machine as a machine? Cast somebody who's very thin to do these superhuman acts.' And I was wrong. He was used tremendously effectively, and he was served very well by that film.

    • Linda Hamilton: (about her divorce from James Cameron) I love him as much as I ever did. But that doesn't mean that the heartache wasn't huge and I haven't suffered. I knew how Jim was when I married him and I love him still.

    • Linda Hamilton: (about leaving Beauty and the Beast) I died doing that show - 48 mini-movies exactly the same. I wanted the characters to evolve, but the network always stuck with the formula. Besides, I had a baby and wanted to be a good mother, which I couldn't do working 16 hours a day. So, as valuable as the experience was, I needed to move on. Repetition is really something in which I have no interest.

    • Linda Hamilton: The script I saw just didn't have the soul that the others did and I didn't want to be part of it. Despite all the action of the first two Terminator movies, they were actually pretty high minded. There was a message about the human condition and Terminator 3 seems to have no regard for human life whatsoever.

    • Linda Hamilton: (on why she chose not to appear in "Terminator 3") I turned down "T3" because I really did feel that it was so complete, that the character arc was completely there and could not be improved upon. And the script that I read proved that to me! But I'm retiring a champ.

    • Linda: As a teenager, even as a younger girl, I had some depression but no one really noticed that it was depression nor did I know in those days that that's what it was but I did feel different from other people. I was in hiding a lot of my childhood, although I had a wonderful upbringing and a very normal middle-class upbringing.

    • Linda: My heart is so light that it's amazing. I get to play all this grief, all this loss, all this disaster and chaos. It's hysterically funny. I am very light. I keep saying I'm Lucy Ricardo trapped in somebody else's body.

    • Linda Hamilton: (about the character Sarah Connor from "The Terminator") A woman who grows and transforms on screen is always a wonderful thing to play. Sarah went from a vulnerable, normal girl to someone who finds all of her deep reservoirs of strength and comes through it all.

    • Linda: There are drugs that expand the soul, but cocaine is one that just closes the heart. It's a very alone, horrible sort of shrinking drug. I quit on my own, but there was a time when I feared I would have to go in for treatment. I really was in trouble.

    • Linda: I try to keep a balance. I actually believe that children want normal parents, they don't want celebrities or important parents or anything different from all the other parents.

    • Linda: I carry Yeats with me wherever I go. He's my constant companion. I always can find some comfort in Yeats no matter what the situation is. Months and months and months go by and I know I need to switch to Shelley or somebody else, but right now Yeats is enough for me.

    • Linda: We don't want to make any money. We want to break even.

    • Linda: My heart is so light that it's amazing. I get to play all this grief, all this loss, all this disaster and chaos. It's hysterically funny. I am very light.

    • Linda: I have not yet decided that acting is the best way to contribute to this world, and I'm a big contributor. I really would like to take a huge step and head the United Way, be a traveling ambassador. Whatever I can do to be a source of light. I want to hold the crack babies. I want to travel to Africa. I want to do something for the rain forests.

    • Linda: I go to Alaska and fish salmon. I do some halibut fishing, lake fishing, trout fishing, fly fishing. I look quite good in waders. I love my waders. I don't think there is anything sexier than just standing in waders with a fly rod. I just love it.

    • Linda: Life has worn me down to a very real shape. I'm a fully realized person, one that is truly in the world with talents and flaws.

  • A very versatile actress who can play any role given her in a very believable manner.

    She was totally believable in Terminator as the waitress who didn't really understand how she was chosen to be the mother of the man who would save the world. Then in Terminator Two she had totally accepted her role and rose to the challenge of keeping hinm safe. In Beauty and the Beast, my favorite role of hers even after more than 20 years. Her role as Catherine Chandler is still bringing more and more fans to the show. My very favorite actress. I have all three seasons of Beauty and the Beast on DVD and I watch the episodes continually with the exception of season three. Once Miss Hamilton left the show, the romance was gone and so were most of the fans.moreless
  • Fabulous actress across multiple genres... Beauty and the Beast, Terminator, and Mr. Destiny may be some of the more know roles but there are many more that reflect her range.

    Fabulous actress across multiple genres... Beauty and the Beast, Terminator, Mr. Destiny, and Dante's Peak may be some of the more know roles but there are many more that reflect her range. Add to these Black Moon Rising, Silent Fall, Separate Lives, Shadow Conspiracy, Skeletons in the Closet, Whollt Moses, Jonah, Smile, Missing in America, The Kid and I, Broken, In Your Dreams, The Line, and the upcoming Waters rising. There's also talks that she may do voice over work in the upcoming Terminator Salvation along with original Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger - really looking forward to that come this May.moreless