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  • The roles and performances those I have appreciated the most from her were first of all in "beauty and the beast",of course.And also my second favorite performance from her was in the movie Mr Destiny.In that movie she was really terrific and very funny.

    She played in a few movies and tv series but the roles those have made her known the most were certainly Catherine Chandler in the Tv serie "Beauty and the Beast"(1987-89) and Sarah O'Connor in the movies Terminator I (1984)and Terminator II(1991).She played also in some movies like Club Med(1986) and Mr.Destiny(1990).She is really a very talented artist who can play different types of character so we can really say she is a very versatile artist.Many things have been said and written about her personnal life but I really don't care about them.All that matters to me is what Hamilton has performed on the screen.And her acting performances have always been at least very good and even sometimes really great.