Linda Henry

Linda Henry


1/1/1963, Peckham, London

Birth Name

Linda Henry


  • Heather and Shirley gather their friends...
  • Linda Henry as Shirley and Danniella Wes...
  • Shirley tries to lure customers to the i...
  • Heather is unhappy when Shirley turns up...
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Linda Henry is a British born actress who was brought up in Peckham, London. In her early years she spent some time with the 'Old Vic youth Theatre'. At the age of sixteen Linda was in the same acting group as rowan Atkinson in Edinburgh. Then at seventeen…more


Trivia and Quotes

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    • Back in the eaarly 90's Linda was in the BBC show Eastenders and played Lorraine Salter the mother of Mandy Salter, who was played Nicola Stapleton who now stars as Janine Nebeski in Bad Girls.

    • Linda Henry has landed a role in the BBC soap Eastenders, she's going to be playing shirley wicks the ex wife of Kevin and the mother of Deano & Carly. She turns up later on this year when she runs into her kids and will be onscreen in the square from early 2007.

    • In 1995 Linda was in a channel 4 film called Beautiful Thing along with Scott Neal (Luke Ashton - The Bill) Glen Berry and Ben Daniels (Finn Bevin - Cutting It)it was a film that focuses around a gay theme but is still an hillariously funny film. Linda played the character Sandra Gangel

      A must see.

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