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  • This is a network's attempt to ride the popular coat tails of its brilliant NCIS - - with a high-tech gloss to it. The investigative action takes place in the Los Angelse area. The new characters are very good with the exception of Hetty Lange!

    The character of Hetty Lange will be the death of NCIS: Los Angeles!!
    Pleeeze . . . is anyone listening? Cut this character out b-4 she sinks this new show, which is already on shaky ground by itself. This new show has good possibilities and capture's my attention in bits and spurts but as soon as the obnoxious, pretentious character of Hetty Lange with the god-awful voice and mannerisms shows up, YUCK! it becomes are real distracting turn off.

    I almost had my Hunny hooked into watching this new show but he couldn't stand Ms. stick-her-nose-into-everything Lange either, and so you've lost another potential viewer. It's too early in the season to be loosing viewers!