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  • Protest

    Full Episode

    S 2 : Ep 16 - 3/3/06

    Don and his team investigate an anti-war bombing outside an Army recruiting center that resembles the work of a 1970s anti-war activist who disappeared 30 years earlier after being accused of planting a bomb that killed two people. Retired Agent Thomas Larson, who tried to solve the case 30 years ago, returns to help but questions Don's loyalty when it is revealed Alan knew the radical activist and participated in demonstrations with him, thus causing tension within the family.moreless
  • The Bachelor Party

    Full Episode

    S 3 : Ep 18 - 3/9/04

    Alvin Masterson has a lot to do in so little time. He is getting married to Victoria Little and has ALS. Nick decides go to Los Angles. Alvin tries to get to know Nick better. Alvin drives to see his son who he last saw at age 7 and learns that his son already has a dad.

    Alvin wonders if marring Victoria is the right thing to do and if it is for the right reason.

  • Tranny Get Your Gun

    Full Episode

    S 10 : Ep 15 - 2/18/03

    The tension that has been building between Andy and Connie almost comes to a head after the babysitter has to cancel and Andy can't stay behind to watch the baby until the replace arrives. They exchange a few words with ends with Andy saying he is leaving. Theo, who must have overheard some of their discussion, asks his father if he will be coming back, after all he said he was leaving. Andy tells him he will never leave him as Connie watches the pair leave their home together. Sipowicz arrives late to the crime scene where Clark Jr., Medavoy and Jones are beginning to investigate the death of an 18-year-old Pakistani woman. McDowell arrives to the squad late, citing babysitter problems, which she assures Sipowicz are taken care of. A man, Gordon Dillit, and his wife come in to report that he was mugged and his wife's antique watch was stolen. As he is still in a good mood from the morning's events, Sipowicz says the man is a "hen pecked slob." Jones and Medavoy interview the man who might be the father of their victim and he confirms for them that it is his daughter. Medavoy notes that the man doesn't seem to be affected in anyway by his daughter's death. Ortiz and McDowell are on the scene of the death of a "tranny pros" named "Lana" where Sipowicz and Clark Jr. join them. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk to the hotel manager and he gives them a license plate number to check; but Sipowicz's conduct at the scene, that is in the questioning of the manager and his interaction with his fellow detectives this morning, especially McDowell, leave much too be desired. Jones and Medavoy are off to visit the boyfriend of their victim, as the other detectives return to the squad. They report to Rodriguez that they got a hit off the license plate, it belonged Dillit, the man they saw earlier that morning. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. have a conversation with Dillit. They inform his that the prostitute was a transvestite. Dillit tells them that not long after he and the prostitute had set a price, another man entered the room and held him at knife point, planning to keep him until midnight, when he could get Dillit to use his ATM card again. He tells them that he got out of the room, when the prostitute and the man with the knife got into a fight. When he came in to report the missing watch, he didn't want his wife to know about the prostitute. Jones and Medavoy talk with their victim's boyfriend who tells them he doesn't know where she is. When they inform her that she is dead, his reaction isn't such that makes them suspicious of him, but they ask him to stick around until they check out his story. The detectives are bringing Rodriguez up to speed on their case when a woman comes into the squad asking to speak to someone about the Yusuf murder case. Jones and Medavoy talk with the woman who says she is the victim's cousin and she tells them that the she overheard her uncle tell her father that he killed his daughter as an "honor killing." They ask for her further cooperation, but promise to keep her out of it, if at all possible. John Irvin passes a message on to Sipowicz from Clark Jr. about their case. Sipowicz asks him how he likes living in his new apartment, telling him that he's heard rumors they are cracking down on cohabitating detectives. John Irvin tells Sipowicz that he doesn't want to tell him how to live his life, but he think about giving his current situation some time to work itself out. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. talk to Randy, the man that "Lana" had made several phone calls to the night before. This man picks up the fact the "Lana" is dead and tells them Gordon Dillit did it. He denies running a "Murphy Game" on Dillit and claims that when he came in, Dillit ran out covered in blood. Jones and Medavoy talk with their victim's father again, only this time as a suspect. The father denies killing his daughter, but he does admit to telling people that he killed his daughter, in order to get respect back in his community. Sipowicz and Clark Jr. run their case by Haywood, but they are still waiting for McDowell and Ortiz to bring in the woman that Dillet claimed he ran by when exiting the building. McDowell and Ortiz bring in and talk with "Monika" who tells them she saw a man leave the place with blood on his pants; she also says she saw the man who looked out for "Lana." Jones and Medavoy canvas the area where a knife was found that may have been used in their victim's murder. They encounter a crazy homeless man, who tells them about someone named "Derrick," but they also find their victim's wallet amongst the homeless man's possessions. Back at the squad, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go to have another conversation with Dillit; they tell him that they know he is homophobe. They tell him about the "Monika" backing up Randy's story; they suggest that if he wants to get out from under this, he'd better give them permission to search his clothes. Jones and Medavoy tell Rodriguez about the outcome of their case, the boyfriend and the father are both going to be let go and the homeless man charged. The detectives find more evidence that points toward Randy as "Lana"'s killer, he had a past history with "Monika" and also was seen pawning the watch earlier this morning. With this new evidence in hand, Sipowicz and Clark Jr. go back at Randy. With evidence mounting against him, Randy confesses the truth. As the boyfriend and father are leaving the precinct, the father realizes that his daughter's death was his fault, as he wasn't strong enough to make her behave like a "proper woman." Back upstairs, McDowell gets ready to leave, but Sipowicz tells her he will be another hour, maybe more. After she leaves, Clark Jr. tells him the 5s can wait, but the problem he is avoiding isn't going to go away, he inevitably has to face it. Dillit comes upstairs and is able to retrieve his wife's watch, he comments to Sipowicz that sitting in the cell today made him realize how precious his relationship with his wife is. And finally John Irvin passes onto to Sipowicz the name of great florist who does wonderful things with "Gerber Daisies." At the Sipowicz/McDowell household, with daisies in hand, Andy returns home, where Connie has made them a nice dinner. They decide that they have been fighting about nothing that really matters. They agree to start over again.moreless
  • He Saw, She Saw

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 3 - 10/10/02

    Four different witnesses claim that a woman was abducted from a mall parking lot while her husband was standing just yards away with his back turned to her. The team starts to suspect that her husband had something to do with her abduction.moreless
  • Neutral Corners

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 3 - 11/12/01

    Ally has a dream about Raymond and Glenn. She thinks it's a sign they'll lose the phone company case, and Glenn sees it as a secret attraction of Ally for him. After Raymond makes a 125,000 dollars offer for the phone company case, Ally decides to make an infomercial using Ling's TV show crew and Claire Otoms as the announcer. They threat to run the infomercial nationwide on primetime, and the threat of losing hundreds of millions of dollars scares Raymond's client. Cage & Fish settle for 15 million dollars, the biggest settlement ever, which makes Richard cry of happiness. Meanwhile, Ally is still divided with her feelings for Glenn and if she should date him or not. Glenn says he's not interested in her, and Raymond asks Glenn if he should date Ally. To make things even better, John decides to confess his feelings for Ally and is very disappointed when she says they will never be more than just very good friends.moreless
  • Judge Ling

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 2 - 11/5/01

    Jenny insists that Ally should go out with Glenn, and Ally insists she doesn't have a crush on him. The three are assigned to chair the telemarketing case. They have a very hard time with the main plaintiff, Claire Otoms, a purple-haired, flashy-looking lady who lives in a 'colonial house'. Raymond, knowing that if the judge listens to her he'll rule in his favor, takes the deposition to the court. Claire keeps drifting from the questions, for Ally's desperation. But what appeared to have gone so bad turned out good. Coretta convinces John that he must look good to cause a good impression, and John ends up dressing a fake muscle suit to try to get rid of his weird-women magnetism. Ling and Nelle 'compliment' twin babies on the street. The mother of the babies - the Massachusetts governor - is so flattered by the compliments that she offers Ling a judge position. Overwhelmed, Ling makes a purple robe and starts to give more-than-quick sentences.moreless
  • Ain't Nobody's Business If I Do

    Full Episode

    S 5 : Ep 11 - 1/13/98

    Daphne accidentally finds an engagement ring in Martin's dresser, frightening Niles and Frasier with the spectre of "Stepmother Sherry."
  • S'Wunnerful Life

    Full Episode

    S 4 : Ep 11 - 12/10/97

    Sarah and Bailey host a Christmas party, while Charlie decides to go on a long distances trip with Kirsten. Will realizes that he and Bailey are living in totally different worlds. Julia pains a nice picture inspired by Justin.moreless
  • ER Confidential

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 8 - 11/17/94

    Carter and Benton treat a suicidal transvestite. Doug feels like a kept man in his relationship with Linda Farrell. Carol faces an ethical dilemma when a patient entrusts her with the particulars of an accident. Div continues to battle his demons, and ends up wandering in the rain down the middle of a busy street. Carol's revelations to Tag puts their relationship to the test.moreless
  • Pageantry

    Full Episode

    S 1 : Ep 11 - 12/11/92

    Zach's teacher, Louise Talbot, defies a court-ordered ban of the annual Christmas pageant on public property, after which disturbing facts come to light about her.