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  • Linda McCartney was a wonderful woman, a dedicated wife, and mother, talented photographer, and a passionate animal rights activist.

    Okay, so maybe she couldn’t really sing too well and she wasn’t the greatest keyboard player, but really who cares? If she hadn’t of been married to Paul McCartney nobody would have thought twice about these things. What you need to remember about Linda McCartney was that she was one of the nicest people that ever lived. My whole life I have looked up to her, as a photographer, as an activist, and as a human being, and I have tried to model myself after her in whatever ways I can. Linda McCartney’s photos have been exhibited all over the world and she has published many books as well. She loved Paul very much and was a great mother to her four kids, Heather, Stella, Marry and James. She wasn’t one of those celebrities who get obsessed with having great press and looking gorgeous and making tons of money. She was happy to stay at home with her kids and her horses and her husband. I think we could learn a lot from Linda, and I would personally like to thank her for her courage. If not for her willingness to be herself and stand up for her right to do so I probably would have become another mindless drone and followed the crowd like everyone else. And oh yeah, go veggie!