Linda Schuyler





London, England

Birth Name

Linda Bawcutt




In 1954, when she was 9, Linda and her family moved to Canada in the postwar wave of emigration that came from Europe and the British Isles. Linda has always been into film and in 1979 while shotting something about teens she got the idea of Degrassi then made Kids Of Degrassi Street after she made Degrassi Junior High where teens dealt with real problems and they continued in Degrassi High after there was a special called Degrassi Talks where the actors interviewed people on subjects like sexuality,alcohol and abuse.Then she made a two hour made-for-TV movie School's Out.Then 10 yrs. later in 2001 she made a whole new series for a new generation called Degrassi: The Next Generation.And other projects she made were Liberty Street and a new series coming Fall 2004 to CTV called Instant Star.