Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay Duncan


11/7/1950, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Lindsay Duncan


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Though she played the female lead of the feminist who advertises for a co-driver to Munich in Loose Connections (d. Richard Eyre, 1983), Lindsay Duncan was never quite a film star. Born in Edinburgh on 7 November 1950 and Central School-trained, she has, however, become one of the…more


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    • Lindsay: (on filming in Rome) I thought we were very lucky to be shooting in Rome. There is something to be trapped into, the sense that we were living in the place where these characters lived. That was really exciting.

    • Lindsay: (on filming nude scenes in the series, Rome) I can't get over-excited about nudity anymore and, really, it's the 21st century! Can we move on, please?!

    • Lindsay: (on her costume in the series, Rome) I've suffered badly in corsets doing period work over the years, but this was just a breeze. I was wrapped up in yards of beautiful Indian silk. It was gloriously comfortable.

    • Lindsay (how much she knew of her character on Rome beforehand): I knew absolutely nothing about my character and I'm not alone. I was interested to find out who this woman called Servilla was, of whom no-one's ever heard. She was intimately connected to two of the most famous men in history - love of Caesar and mother of Brutus.