Lindsay Felton





12/4/1984 , Seattle, Washington, USA

Birth Name

Lindsay Marie Felton




Lindsay Marie Felton was born in Seattle in December 4, 1984

Pets: 1 senegal parrot (Kiwi) and 3 cats (Rascal, Trouble & Mischief)

Future Car(s): 2001 Corvette

Pet Peeve: The opposite sex (Especially my co-star Jeremy hehe, J/K Jer, I love you)

Best Place to Vacation: Manhattan NY or Venice, Italy.

Favorite subjects in school: English and drama of course... perhaps guitar

Worst Subject: Algebra (UGH!)

Favorite Books: The Outsiders, The Catcher in the Rye, The Virgin Suicides, Wayside School (From my childhood) and the Harry Potter series

Favorite Colors: Purple, black and red

Favorite Foods: Belgain waffles with whipped creme and strawberries and quesadillas (But never together) I also love DIM SUM

Favorite TV Show: Will and Grace, Friends, All My Children, Oprah, SNL, and Queer as Folk

Favorite Movies: Empire Records, Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, American Beauty, Detroit Rock City, Almost Famous, Boys Don't Cry, Girl, Romeo and Juliet, IT, Fight Club, Fargo, Newsies, O Brother Where Art Thou, Silence of the Lambs, American Pie, Breakfast Club, Magnolia, Boogie Nights, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Saving Private Ryan, Clockwork Orange, Four Rooms, Dead Man On Campus, Ferris Buhler's Day Off, The Usual Suspects, Bottle Rocket, Living in Oblivion, and American History X

Favorite Actors: Steve Buscemmi, Ed Norton, Brad Pitt, Jason Lee, Elijah Wood, Kevin Smith, Jason Mews, Tim Curry, Tim Roth, Alan Cummings, John Travolta, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Ethan Embry, Matt Damon, Kevin Spacy, Ben Affleck, Gabriel Byrne, Matthew Broderick, John Lenguizamo, Giovani Rebisi, and Owen and Luke Wilson

Favorite Actresses: Claire Danes, Christina Ricci, Drew Barrymore, Courtney Love, Angelina Jolie, Kate Hudson, Winona Ryder, Renee' Zellweger, Faruza Balk, Robin Tunney, Natalie Portman, and Lee Lee Sobieski

Favorite Model: None really... Tyra Banks is a good role Model, but to look at... I like Forbes March, He is also on All My Children and he is the best lookin guy alive hehe! Oh, and all the Abrecrombie and Fitch Models. Yum.

Favorite Comedians: Eddie Izzard, John Lenguizamo, and David Spade

Favorite Bands or Singers: The Beatles, Aerosmith, Ben Folds 5, Mettalica, Nirvana, Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, The Goo Goo Dolls, Hanson, The Foo Fighters, Rancid, Bad Religion, Dave Matthews Band, Jewel, Moby, Lenny Kravitz, Simon and Garfunkle, Idina Menzel,The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, The Dixie Chicks

Favorite Sports: Dancing, Soccer, Tennis and Hockey

Favorite Teams: Calgary Flames, Seattle Mariners, Seattle Super Sonics and the Clippers

Favorite City: Manhattan (I actually think that's an Island) or Venice Italy

Best Place To Vacation: Manhattan, NY or Venice Italy


Where do you live now? Los Angeles, But the show films in Calgary AB, Canada, So I spend a lot of time there as well.

What do you do for fun? Watch a lot of Movies, go to the theater whenever possible, shop, write, attempt to play my guitar, listen to music, spend time with friends, take photos, play with my video camera and go online.

What do you want to do when you get older? I want to be on broadway.

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